Monday, January 30, 2012

My another ludicrous moment.

Let me tell ya some facts:
I promise you that I'm really not dumb..
It's Ok.Everybody has their own part,so do i.I admit I have my struggles,
Well very little of which are worse than others..

This particular one though,wasn't really a bad one.
But,however worse we are,we have to learn loving ourselves.And these thoughts make me who I am.No matter how lame and twisted it is.Alright.As you blokes got the frame and probably ready to blow me with your thoughts,I am sharing this story of mine.

My flatmate,works for GE,as a client of MSAT.She returned from office this evening and was taking out her contacts and was putting them back in that tiny boxes.Hold on.Right there.That's the moment that made me upset.Why would probably the things that supposed to be placed at the place,which is all right here,depress me?

Well,here is the case.The caps of the case are white and teal in color,right?
It easily help you to tell you which contact goes into which pod of the solution.Now don't jump the gun like I do in most of cases as they say.This wasn't at all what had upset me.There was this small 'r' notation that bothered me.Here's the kicker.How on the earth the blind people would suppose to know which lens goes to which part?They could have put this 'r' to caps 'R' as brail.This made me nuts for quite a time while making dinner.

And now after 3 long hours my eureka moment came.
Are you freaking kidding me?

Thing is,if somebody is blind,why would they need contacts to see?
Well,may be,there is a need for different kind of lens for them.But not this.I assure myself they must have designed in different ways,not this.

Yes.Just another Jazz moment.
*sigh* Someday,may be,someday,I would be the smartest lady,a man can fall for.

Till that day you can laugh at me,if you need to.


  1. dint get you :)...

  2. So my dumbness is not profound then :) Thanks for making me feel that.