Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid-Paris-Night In Youtube

One of my friend called me and asked me for some good movies not-to-kill-time-but-to-cherish-the-time-somewhere-in-future.My mind was hovering among recent watched ones.
  • Someone Like You: (Ashely-Judd-Fever.You've become 4th in my list after Milla Jovovich,Meg Ryan,Sandra Bullock,Oh yeah there comesYou.)
  • Marley & Me: (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston kinda story not to be avoided,no matter if marley's there or not.)
  • Passengers: (Out of curiosity after seeing Anne's Butterfly swimming in One Day,googled more.It's Ok)
  • One Day: (Random hit at IMDB.Got to wonder how i missed this before)
  • The Brothers Bloom: (HBO suggestion couple of days before)
  • The Help: (Some-special-one's FB suggestion)
Wait,i guess Owen Wilson ruled more besides Anne Hathaway recently in my list.Shucks,how can i just forget suggesting "Midnight In Paris".I have been virtually travelling Paris with a like-minded friend since a long time.Now this movie is what made me repent how did i really miss some awe-inspiring places despite heavy Googlemaps usage.Guessed before,Woody Allen bores by far-fetched romance(Like In SCOOP.He'd his chance with Scarlett and so he took it there.What's the point of sticking gums in Hugh's career.Ew was the movie.More yuckie,it could have been,if Hugh would be out. At least one get to see his swimming style there.)But this time,Woody's given the charm.Bravo.Anyway,This piece of Virtual-Paris makes me wonder how a place can be so ethereal,ad infinitum.

"Adriana: I can never decide whether Paris is more beautiful by day or by night.
Gil: No, you can't, you couldn't pick one. I mean I can give you a checkmate argument for each side. You know, I sometimes think, how is anyone ever gonna come up with a book, or a painting, or a symphony, or a sculpture that can compete with a great city. You can't. Because you look around and every street, every boulevard, is its own special art form and when you think that in the cold, violent, meaningless universe that Paris exists, these lights, I mean come on, there's nothing happening on Jupiter or Neptune, but from way out in space you can see these lights, the caf├ęs, people drinking and singing. For all we know, Paris is the hottest spot in the universe."

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