Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jack Johnson Sunday

Sunday.It's the time of blessed events.Other than,I,waking up early,there are thousand reasons to be happy about.Monsoon is almost arriving at Hyderabad.The bestest of moments.I woke up with that drizzling onset.
And yes,I along with the trees,leaves,2 doberman downstairs,are listening to Jack Johnson.I believe Jack Johnson,is one of the most amazingly songwriters who eventually never ceases to amaze me.People who have not been into him might say it's a over or under-statement.But I would tell he just is.His music is simple, like Yanni, but the most simple of stuff is the most gorgeous and soothing as well.Jack has a voice (and excuse this dramatic usage of words) that is outstandingly dreamy. The simple guitar, vocal harmonies, key board and some drums create a soothing, and wonderful sound.Sometimes his lyrics kinda sound ADHD, but if you really stop and listen to what he is saying, you'll be surprised. True, some songs are harder to dissect than others.Brushfire Fairytales,In between Dreams was some months ago my repetitive soundtrack.And these days I have been crazy about To The Sea.Sleep Through The Static,Adrift. Phenomenon.This is how he does say:
Your voice is your own, I can't protect it
You'll have to sing
A verse no one has ever known
I can listen to this for the rest of my life.

Moti Opera Singer

Apni aankhen band karo.Socho.Kaun Hai woh Jiske saath ek pal bitane ke liye tumhe hazaar maut kabool hai.Kaun Hai woh!
I would literally retort Moti Opera Singer.

Boy.Susan.Have I been dreaming about her.This lady,the one I am ad-lib-ing about is like there in air around.I woke up and saw her.Goosebumps.You people have been watching it,it might be re-watching the 3 year old collection.But it enthralls me every time I watch her.The universe is listening & wonders can throng you anytime.So Stay Focused.Susan Boyle,I adore you.

When the winds go against you,
When the world goes not your way,
Defy the wind,
Go against the grain,
Defy thy woes,
Who said ..
We cannot
touch the moon,
And yet be real!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

People With Accent

Fact: People with accent always come under interesting category.I adore such people.That's why I love this Admiral Fallow plus lots of good vibes comes out while you listen to it.Squealing Pigs.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another day ends like this.

So I threw my bag to the window seat,cause Dipika'd go nuts if I sit there.It was 10.55pm.The bus was about to start at 11pm.So I talk to myself like this:

  • That recommendation rule on the T & M tab is not firing,Why?
  • At least I am over with night calls with family,so I can save the time back home now.
  • Shucks.I have not have single platter of food today.May be that morning cup of milk was all I had.
  • I do two things in my life.Either I overeat or I don't eat at all.
  • Cretins.They would come back and delay the bus again.Phew.

And I played it.My own moment with a special song at night.Here.Very cool songs deserve really cool videos.The lyrics is a bit task.No blow job with the trial of depicting the sketchy videos which gets horrible most time.Blood by The Middle East.The title is misleading as people may hover around the thoughts of Al Jazeera videos.But,guys,try this.Much more enlightening & a lot more to leave a smile on your face.

PS: When the song ends every time,they say "and there's nothing you can do about it now" & I always make the shuffle ON.Did I sound like a loser! Damn,I did.Whatever.I,at times prefer to be like this.#Happy-Go-Lucky.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We build too many walls and not enough bridges

End of the day.Simply,no contemplation.Been a busy day.Missed swimming again.Hence proves my sloppy-ness around.I was up to Nightswimming REM.Check out here.Found out,the more I heard,the more I was drifted into melancholy.Why did I miss swimming today?Sir Isaac Newton once said,"We build too many walls and not enough bridges".Drags me into the very thought of our acts.At times we start up like zillion things and when we utmost miss the connectivity among half of them.
Every night it seems as if it is going to pour,but futile all.Its all fire around.Been 1 hour and 35 minutes I am tuned to single song.Cause I need,I really need Buckets of rain.

Monday, May 21, 2012

One Day,One Room

You live day by day.You judge all of them you meet across and going to meet.Out of the bunch I got stuck at this episode again.
Dr House: They're out there, doctors, lawyers postal workers some of them doing great some of them doing lousy. Are you going to base your whole life on who you got stuck in a room with? 
Eve: I'm going to base this moment on who I'm stuck in a room with. It's what life is. It's a series of rooms and who we get stuck in those rooms with adds up to what our lives are. 

PS: Mondays are not as bad as Garfield quotes.It's real good & I am content.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Still "Under Construction"

Days ago I was travelling to Koti. For These Two Books.
1.Strength Finder.
2.Now,Discover your strength.
Pretty much probably,You guys'd be thinking "Is she some teenager still on her way to find what she wants and what is the ultimate goal?".To my surprise,even while I was travelling my soliloquies were like this too.Why am I travelling for these books when I am half way through my life where Actions should get prioritized rather than the pre-thought-process.
There.I met this old man.Sixty-ish.Looked like some army-retired-persona.Yet strong & stout.
Sixty-ish Fella: Hi Beta.
Me: Hello.
Sixty-ish Fella: Tum idhar ke rehne wali ho?
Me: Nahi Uncle.I work here.Me orissa se hu.Do saal ho gaya idhar reh rahi hu.
Sixty-ish Fella: So Hyderabad tumhe kaisi lagti hai?
Me: Thik thak Uncle.Been into routined life.Friends & colleagues & Job.Keeps me occupied.
Sixty-ish Fella: That's it.How did you get busy & happy with routined life.Ain't you ever asked what more ? What else? Is this how you came across till now?
Me: Aisi baat nahi hai Uncle. :) Abhi time kahan milta hai what-else sochne ke liye.Office,kaam and near-future-plans.Bas.Aur idhar cheezen kya hai karne layak!
Sixty-ish Fella: Cheezen ?? Beta me Navy me kaam karta thha,kuchh saal pehle.Job khatm.Ab nikal pada jaaga ghumne.Logon se baatein karne.Mein adhha life khali paani me raha and surfing and baki kuchh sikh liya.Ab working on my teen-aged bucket-list.Travelling.I believe,I have been ignoring the real me since a long time.Did you ever have had a Bucket-list in your life?Listen to me.Start working on that.It's a small life and time'd fly and tumhe pata hi nahi chalega ke tumhare diary ke panno me kabhi ek to-do-list likha hua rehta thha.
Me: Smiles.[To avoid his rants in disguise,Just cause he didn't make,does not mean all are morons.]
Sixty-ish Fella: Beta me toh chala.Nice to meet you.
Me: Nice to meet you too.See ya Uncle.

He was still there in my mind all the way shopping till home.And when I came back,I found my diary Post,dated 16th Sept,08,reads as,
To-do List:
1.Rock climbing.[Guess the then hilly area inspired me.]
2.Volunteer at a Nursing Home.[Almost did it..]
3.Rocketry Paper & Project work.[Do not remember how much I succeed.Lost the documents too.]
4.Publish my book by 2009 end.[Were I nuts.Which book did I mean here.In fact I never started writing any.My bad..]
5.Get Tattoo-ed.[Done & Done.I guess I did not change much since then.]
6. Slack-lining/Biking.[No chance I am doing it in near future.]
7.Beat Ma In rope-jumping one day.[She gave me complexity here.Now though I did not beat her,I achieved this.Cause she barely does it these days too.Ha.]
That's it.How meager may this look like to me now,I still think I should/must work on it.And I kind of started thinking now,That sixty-ish fella is still talking to me.And PS: No matter how old are you,the construction processes of you being inherited every moment,is still going on.So That's it people.I am gonna work on half-written-half-forgotten-me. Piece of scintillating Music is,

"So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten,
Sons are like birds flying upwards over the mountain"

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This morning I got up with Ma's repetitive call.She was packing up to some places with her friends.Tomorrow is the date.And she called me up to ask about some stuff I kept when I last visited home,like a month ago.And to my surprise it was still there.Kept me wondering,Mothers, who keen on almost every single breath in & out of ours with all detailed-miniatures,are so clueless about their stuffs.My ma belong to this genre.So Punctilious yet easy-going in her chapters.
"Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels."
Found this video.*Tears Time & I gotta go *
PS: Happy Mother's Day.No wonder it is today & Now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't stop dancing

Mahalo.Rigorous Day & 2 hours of swimming.And back home issues to rant on.Whatever may it be Scott Stapp saved the energy.Days,Months & Years would pass by.But the love of Scott Stapp would remain till one die.

                               At times life is wicked and I just can't see the light

                                         A silver lining sometimes isn't enough
To make some wrongs seem right
Whatever life brings
I've been through everything
And now I'm on my knees again

But I know I must go on
Although I hurt I must be strong
Because inside I know that many feel this way

Children don't stop dancing
Believe you can fly

At times life's unfair and you know it's plain to see
Hey God I know I'm just a dot in this world
Have you forgot about me?
Whatever life brings
I've been through everything
And now I'm on my knees again

But I know I must go on
Although I hurt I must be strong
Because inside I know that many feel this way

                                              Am I hiding in the shadows?
Forget the pain and forget the sorrows

Am I hiding in the shadows?
Forget the pain and forget the sorrows

But I know I must go on
Although I hurt I must be strong
Because inside I know that many feel this way

Am I hiding in the shadows?
Are we hiding in the shadows?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Blah & Blah:Iron & Wine

I missed swimming today.Pretty damned Day.Too much of work.
Listen to this:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Counting Blessings

2 days have not been easy.You still fully not in to one project but you contribute what-ever have been asked for.You work.You eat and communicate.I have had a super chance of meeting this lady,who eventually share the flat with me and project too and these days my bed also.What more one can ask from a friend when we share the best-est of our emotions all the time and swimming too.Gem of the girls ever been with before.While I travel back home at night,I look outside the window of the bus.The lights on the roadside and the Doppler effect.Earlier some-days ago I had this urge of missing my Aai's lap and the lights far away at night.Now it's all rebound.I am amazed.Literally.This life that we lead has all in it.The calmness and the Happiness.I saw the fellas closing the shop at 11pm and heading back to home.I imagined how their lives would be.Some family folks waiting for him at home with dinner ready.And be some days of talks to share about.This simple life ain't it so great.Every gear,steps,paddles he made,he might be wondering how much more to make it to destiny.That target of him let him live day by day.Life as in Moment by moment.

My parents are at one place and my sis is at one place.Now when I call these two people every now and then,they are so indulged in trying out new recipes.Ma's been still baking cakes without sugar and awaiting papa's time to get home every minute by minute.And when he is back every night they would again start fighting over TV remote.And eventually watching nothing but talking to each other for hours and hours.And he still does that.No matter where in the world he would be,he'd surely wake Ma up at 3 Am & reminding her not to miss the Yoga.Ma's never been in need of setting alarm,just cause Papa's a early riser.I hope the saga would continue forever and let the whole thing be defined,Life's happening.Life being itself is so pure.

I wonder,No matter how happening or morbid,Happy or unsatisfied,Success & Failure,it is,It is what it is.And Right now after a scrumptious Weekend lunch,de-cluttering,everything just turn out to be as heavenly as it has always been.And the piece of music is Sing the same song twice.Well not twice literally.It is as iterative as it is,till the time it goes on.
Happy-soul :)

Have you started feeling the blessings around you? Do it.It would enchant you.
Well FYI,In addition to all it's gonna pour here.My rain-post is soon coming.
Peace out.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tired & Skating till the sun-rises

Well,Aloha.Of course the day had to go good,when you start of the day with such inspiring videos.So so loaded with work.I worked till I miss my dinner too.My veins hurt like they do always when I over-work.Swimming 10 laps only.And chasing traffic.Had a good meeting with the team.My Roomie is getting engaged this week.Yay.Yippie.Woohoo.We all are super happy.It's 12.03.32 am and I am so tired,like I can take a week off just to rest.But no sleep.Sweet Jesus,why does sleep always betray me!That colony road.So calm and dorky at night. None-else.I just feel like long-boarding there till the sun rises.
I am gonna buy one Hamboard piece soon.So elegant.Check out here.Long-boarding with this music and seeing the sun-rising from horizon.Life is too short that I do not feel sleepy but lost among 'em.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2 minutes Post before office-office

Hiya.Just a piece of video I passed by while wasting my time here.Stimulating.Do watch this.This world,the place we stay is full of talents and ALL PEOPLE IN A WAY,ARE REAL AWESOME.

I am gonna post this video for the second time.Remember that scene from "Garden State" Natalie saying,"Do something that noone has ever done before."
One Opportunity.Just one thing.Surely makes it special.
And I know it's gonna be a great day today.Just that I am bit late to catch up the bus.Alright,I am gonna scoot.

Only Time

1.Last day I bunked office.Though Issues were high on priority.
2.Shopped alone till night 11 pm at Inorbit.Bought a shiny speedo Swimming-suit.Yahoo!
3.Worked my ass off till 3am.

4.Woke up at 8.35am.And started working on the same thing till 11.40am.
5.Cooked a decent dinner.Dal fry & Rotis.
6.Started  again at office at 2pm.It continued till 6pm.Restless.I thought I lost my mind,Till the time I drank that sugar-cane juice.Saved me.
7.Swam for 1 hour till 7 & then followed by Steam bath till 7.30 pm.
8.Came back to work & continued till 9pm.
9.Have had the chance of having the scrumptious dinner in that eerie manless Resident evil world of the cafeteria.
10.Again worked till 10 pm & then hopped in to the bus.Saved from another accident on the road.
11. Reached Home 11pm.Had a bowl of boiled beetroot.
Now I am done in making my sleeping soundtrack.How the heck on earth one does not feel sleepy after one long tiring day!Hope the piece of musics would work this time.
  • The Heart Of Life-John Mayer
  • When You Grow Up-Priscilla Ahn
  • Waiting For My Real Life To Begin-Colin Hay
  • Chocolate-Snow Patrol
  • Same Changes-The Weepies
  • Joe Purdy-Andrea
  • Faith Hill- Fireflies
  • And This Song.      

P.S. Thought Of The Think-Exist Time:

“Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends.”

Good Night People.And Happy Thank You More Please :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sleepless In Summer

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.Boys and Girls.Wow.Don't know why I just said that.Anyway. I am sitting in my bed writing this right now.It is actually 1:10:49 on the clock.Okay now 1:11:01.My bed lies right under the windows and me being in the mood for summer has the windows wide open. The cool nights breeze is blowing in. It feels so good. I want summer.Today was a pretty laid back day.I ran to some shopping marts.And then made a wonderful lunch and went to buy vegetables for the week.It truly felt like Summer to me.But then I remember what is to come on Monday. Office with swimming pool closed. (girl's shriek for sound effects.)

This feel of not swimming a day makes me sick.I just figure Monday out to be a bad bad day.And along with this feel everything sounds so wrong to me at a go.
"By "everything is wrong" I mean EVERYTHING. I look around me - I'm typing on a plastic and metal and glass computer perched on a desk made from cut down trees and toxic paint. I sit in a building made of wood and bricks that were taken from the earth on a street made of poisonous asphalt that was laid over an ecosystem that had thrived for hundreds of thousands of years. I'm clothed in cotton that was saturated with pesticides while it grew and treated and dyed with toxic chemicals while it was being processed. All of my possessions were made hundreds or thousands of miles away and shipped in styrofoam and plastic wrap via gas burning engines and destructive road and air ways to me. My food, although organically grown and completely vegan, is shipped from where it was grown to my local store and is often packaged in paper, plastic, metal, and toxic inks. I know tons of people that eat meat, smoke cigarettes, drive cars, use drugs, etc., even though they know that these things will ultimately hurt the quality (and length) of their lives. I live in an apartment building where no one is on a first name basis. I know more about idiot actors in hollywood that I've never met than I do about the man who lives next door to me (and is probably more interesting). While walking to work I inhale toxic exhaust from cars sitting in traffic. To make sure that eating 3 cans of oven cleaner will make you sick, or to make sure that pouring nail polish remover into your eyes will hurt you, we torture mice, rabbits, dogs, cats, etc.We cut down the rainforests to drill for oil so that we can drive to the video store. Do you see what I mean? Everything really is wrong. Even the back to nature people still drive cars and use products made from materials ripped out of the earth. People struggle all of their lives doing work that they hate just to be a functioning member of a system that is wasteful, destructive and unhealthy.
What I advocate is this a sensible, pragmatic, and non-destructive approach towards existence, we need to re-evaluate our practices. Just as it doesn't make sense to hire an elevator operator to run an automatic elevator it doesn't make sense for billions of people to drive to work alone in their cars. It doesn't make sense to consume animal products. It doesn't make sense to use pesticides on agricultural products. It doesn't make sense to derive power from nuclear, coal, and petroleum when we have solar, hydro, and wind power. It doesn't make sense to maintain destructive systems just because people earn their livings from them. It doesn't make sense to pour billions of tons of toxic chemicals onto our lawns so that they'll look pretty and green."
Found it scribbled by somebody.And now it's making me think and think.Do let me know what-cha think.
My Player's playing:The stable song by Gregory Alan Isakov.Which I hear every time I start doing maths.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mission Impossible

Couple of months I have been chasing.Chasing for one thing that left almost all of my dreams ceased. Seigfried died a while ago.Beat that.It's just that I threw my passport somewhere,where it was the dankest.And now my miniature photo looks like half a raccoon.And the story ends.I am passport-less.

Guys,Listen up.Not that I am a lazy-ass who does not bother to reissue.It again happened to be like my hometown fellas at passport office are pretty busy in discarding thousands of application for no particular sane stuffs.And now I am here at Hyderabad,on my 3rd attempt to reissue one of those booklets which in fact  is my solemn target now.

I don't see a List of values in the drop down for Andhra Pradesh guys where to book yourself one appointment,online.This morning Ma called me telling the "shubh muhurat" for Libra people today.I was at my best to laugh.And then while I recap,my pointless failures in applying for one passport,abandoned my guts & made me go as per ma's time.It was 11.20 AM,5th May,12.I ain't kidding.I had to rush.Was left myself 30 minutes.And the auto guy was going with below soundtrack.

Every 3 minute intervals he'd turn back to me and ask a question which is not a question exactly. "Ma'am time kya hua.Aap tension nakko.Hum time se aage pahunch jayenge." And accompanied by a big-toothless-smile.

Woohoo.I made it.I made it at 11.13 AM.And like a fool,I called Ma.Like a premonition it was there in mind,I have my passport story.I made it to 11.20 am and stepped in.PASSPORT OFFICE IS CLOSED ON SATURDAY & SUNDAY.Another-out-of-my-mind-scene.Did I ever have an ounce of common sense in me.Possumed yet learned.Any-some-how I booked one appointment for me.

And hopefully I am yet to be over with this stuff.Not yet sleepy and the piece of music reads as,
"Run,run,run away
Buy yourself another day"
The Civil Wars In The Hunger Games: A duo made in heaven.Bingo.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

P.S. Ain't there a roll-back option!

Smooth day.Some issues.Swimming.Eggnogs.And more of those.And back home at 11pm.You know when you get time you tend to think a ton.Like a real ton.I thought I could roll-back some stuffs.Don't you feel that phantom limb syndrome.It felt the same.You have lost that part of your time,but it feels like I am not yet to present.And by time and time,You know,all's gonna get sorted out.And with this feel when I step ahead,the soliloquy which comes out as "Koi Na" rolls everything to back.I wish that could be a real voice.This soundtrack was all over the journey this afternoon and night.
"If I run just to know I am free,
Don't let me leave,don't let me be gone."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Please Read The Letter That I Wrote

Yes.Led Zeppelin ain't my genre.But when you take the guy out and put it in Raising sand,he makes the heart & mind out to another dreamy world.I am talking about him.

Every time I hear to this I certainly yank everything I do.It's a total phenomenon.I listened to this & I get the Broca's aphasia to praise it,
Alisson Krauss and this old voice does the charm always.
Now would you please read the letter that I wrote?