Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Tree Of Life

Today morning i woke up,i found my bed room balcony door was open.And there from the neighbor's flat two kids peeking me,while sleeping.I was happy they were so cute and careless eyes.I almost got up and asked their names.They are Pinky(In Standard 4) and Shini(Was trying her best to stand and see our room,though she could barely stand firmly).They belong to Nepal.They are vacationing here.From the 5-10 minutes chat i had with them,i figured out it's such a wonderful life we've got to live and lived already.We being sometimes morons make it more worse by cursing this,that,what-not.So here i thought,let me recall the good times and the smiles,and thank almighty for couple of minutes.I purely remember the moments when i have life in me.

1.I always love to see the sunrise and sunset.Pappa used to wake me up every morning 3 am.With a cup of tea since my early school days,i used to do maths.And there followed by a sunrise on our terrace.He,doing yoga and i,being lost in the horizon.

2.Paddling fast from school at 5 pm and running back to my backside garden,just to see the sunset.All alone.I used to see that Alif Laila and feel the eeriness among the Sal trees in my garden,post sunset.Creepy i was.

3. Power-cut during rains.So goes the story of homework by lantern light.The best time of my life.Maa's guardian voices to make hand-writing better :)

4.Sitting on my Aai's(Maa's maa) lap,watching the Doppler effect of light of the vehicles far away on the NH and coming through the small river.I used to fancy Aai,for her telling the stories of ghosts behind the dazzling and vanishing lights of vehicles.

5.I once screwed up my trigonometry exam.And next week i sort of spent my total time on working on those,on the floor itself and followed up by a sleep under the bed. Maa took me to bed after that.I wish she'd do that again now.

6.Sunday morning,Mowgli shows.Fish Curry.

7.Summer Mangoes.Pool side games.

8.College days and Unlimited fun.Semester hard-work.

9.And now it's been quite a whole total professional life.The early hard work days.The senior inspirational people and urge to work hard.

10.The every single birthday nights and night out pub life.Dancing for total 3-4 hours in a row.Don't know where that energy come from,when you are surrounded by a bunch of like minded friends.

11.A flat,family life all together again.Baking cakes with friends and buying clothes ,shoes,bags and wasting money all at a go.

13.Hugh Jackman movies :) (I smell kinda crush there.)

With life in every step i take on the dreary road and wondering how good life is.I may be a failure lots of times and then successful a single time thereafter.We are not here to judge it,but just live it.And i am grateful to the almighty,that i have been doing this being totally on the edge.

God should tell John Mayer to edit the line to "Not waiting on the world to change." And I, am  totally in love with all this.Well I just want to thank for everything around me.If i hadn't have these moments,i would not have this life.

Gonna let out a little secret: I always dream of waking up like this & she is an amazing lady.

It's happened,been happening and gonna happen till the time we are alive.It's all total a Progress.Just found this line and it's so so true.Quoting,

"Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."
~ Elizabeth Lawrence ~

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