Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Time is here.I see many of my blogger-friends started posting about Feb-ism and their l'amour.Many pink-ladies and guerlain sprayed men,started dreaming of the day.It kills me.Not cause I am anti up to it,but cause,every Feb,I have to bear with some good amount of speculation.Oh no,not what you are thinking.It makes me laugh.It's total Afebruary stuff.Like had some big health problems,some accidents,some robberies near my house during Feb and all those.Harmless.Harmless stuff other than Love.I landed in Feb 2010,I had to make big deals like dropping my one way study plan and making totally divergent Job plan.I landed in Feb'11,I had to be on verge of deciding to be in the same job or start studying and aiming high.And if you increase the time-limit in the Y-axis of the graph,it would be like,my pedantic-Feb-days were the days when i got the blues of Yearly results.In a way it was certainly,uncertainty.I have never imagined the where the very month Feb is totally a celebration time for others and for me & my the-then-friends'd be totally up to awaiting for Exam results with scary dreams on.And as a matter of fact,after working in an service-based MNC where work-pressure is as low as possible,i still got the blow last year and probably in the list,this year too.How!Well,it looks like this."The last and totally important exam is on  this Sunday followed by a tech-training till 15th Feb.".Yes.You heard it right.Ending is on 15Th Feb.Couldn't it be 13Th,so that I could have at least would have a semi-normal-time to celebrate Valentine's day among bunch of flowers and admiring the very gift from God called,Love.The adulation and those things around me,that made me realize what Love is.Anyway, super annually,Feb is the month which should be harbinger of my professional life.As I mentioned in my earlier post about how everything being so anachronistic.So the time has arrived.Let's run again and brood over the time that has given to us.This piece of Bethany's wave on my spotify is this:

PS:Watched Soul Surfer movie last night.Totally exhilarating moment for me.I am gonna have to come up a total-post on this movie.Highly Recommended.

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