Friday, January 20, 2012

Gelato, Spaghetti

I have been on heavy diet schedule since one month.May have reduced 3 kgs around.Don't know how one does it.But i kind of did totally weird way.If you love selective foods and only eat those,then it's quite simple.Avoid those particular ones.Rest,anyhow would not interest you much.I was literally gourmandising KFC'c chicken popcorns and boneless ones.But you heard it,when it's gonna happen,it has to happen.I got it.Suddenly one day,started hating those boneless chicken cause of it's skin part tasted pathetic.I am over with it.Need my new love now.

I had this feel,no matter how worst/good the situation is,if you start fantasizing something,you get to love it.It's always the first and rare expression you hold in your brain,to process it further.So one fine morning,in a total point-blank condition,you cook fried bean sprouts and eat all up with gusto.How does that feel? More good than any other food in the world.Well,i guess eating is a total psychological phenomenon.Can easily be guarded by the moods and vice versa.But i am still obsessed with pizza,snicker candy bars,blehs.Waiting for that pizza day,when i will get over with it too.Till then get to watch this and search for the distraction.

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