Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spear Of Destiny

"I know I'm not one of your favorites. I'm not even welcome in your house. But, I could use a little attention there."

Spooky time,back again.Late night shows.Keanu Reeves is always the fantasy-star other than Milla Jovovich.

Q.How does fantasy help one?
Ans.When you have pretty/petty average day at office and you are so so mundane about the talks and to-do stuffs around,when you kind of think why-in-earth-i-am-wasting-time-when-i-am-wasting-time,that is the threshold point.It's time to serve yourself,happiness over brutal-reality through false pretense and dreamy stuff.You scream through the 'hellspeak'.

P.S.The above self-categorization may differ from one to one who have been playing stuffs like this.In case of Keanu's flick,it would be just like,'C'mon,it's him.You can watch him diligently,even while he is puking pathetically.'

But this time this is Constantine. John Constantine. Asshole.

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