Monday, January 23, 2012

Hom Tanks-ism :)

Was going through some articles on Spoonerism,Mondegreen,Eggcorn,Malapropism,Euphemism and all.Spoonerism is what happens to us obvious times.It's total funny.I can laugh for hours in utter loneliness by reading those.The below piece of poem depicts this properly.

"You think I may have drain bamage, maybe such a funk and drool
Writing on my boat nook, with my trusted ten my pool,
I am asking you to hiss and lear, there is toe burning back,
Hear carving to patch my woes, and use of limes I rack,

The sensible verse
You think I have brain damage, maybe such a drunken fool,
Writing in my note book, with my trusted pen my tool,
I am asking you to listen here, there is no turning back,
Care, having to watch my prose, the use of rhymes I lack.

I could be a meeky chunky, I may need a bottle in front of me,
You may think it's a lack of pies, made up over key and toffee,
Also you say this is all mad banners, Can I link any sower,
You may tell me don't pet the sweaty things and go shake a tower.

The sensible verse
I could be a cheeky monkey, I may need a frontal lobotomy,
You may think it's all a pack of lies, made up over tea and coffee,
Also you say this is all bad manners, Can I sink any lower?,
You may tell me Don't sweat on petty things, and go take a shower.

So if I go in with all buns glazing, this could be my ducky lay,
I intend to sock your knocks off, in a new wine on the lay,
This is becoming almost key manic, it hits my bunny phone,
But it need to be candled with hair, when chatting on the fellytone.

The sensible verse
So if I go in with all guns blazing, this could be my lucky day
I intend to knock your socks off, in a new line on the way,
This is becoming almost mechanic, it hits my funny bone,
But it needs to be handled with care, when chatting on the telephone.

Being moored out of my bind, I know I should chew my doors,
But I found a nosy little cook to listen to the pain that roars.
So now as I slay me down to leap and be a beep on my sled,
Any jokin' tester is better than dogging a horse that's fled,

The sensible verse
Being bored out of my mind, I know I should do my chores,
But I found a cosy little nook to listen to the rain that pours,
So now as I lay me down to sleep and be asleep on my bed,
Any token gesture is better than flogging a horse that's dead."

All of a sudden,at midnight,'The Terminal' movie made me bing this.Tom Hanks again at his best.I believe the concept of 'My Name Is Khan' is fetched from here.If not,Tom's 'Forrest Gump' kind of go with Navorski too.He is incorrigible as always.

"Amelia,would you like to get eat to bite?"

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