Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mustang Sally

You Guys. I am damned.Dejected.Ever feel like a walking train wreck? I am now. Yep. Rants ON. And you sure want to know why! Cause my mom scolded me.I am one of those skanks who never listens to parents. Today she had this day-dream that I am gonna fall ill and she called me to keep on warning not to keep my Bus window open as it's been raining almost all day. We're having a bad-weather-day here.And of course I would not bear the very idea of sitting on my ass being claustrophobic there. I ignored her and here I am blogging up with wet-eyes and sore throat and doomed feel.What hurts the most is,I am gonna have to cancel my morning swimming plan tomorrow and switch off the fan tonight.Yikes.Talking of swimming,let me tell you, I ain't anymore that girl in a small-town who was craving for barbie-doll figure.I do swimming ,cause I love the rhythm that flows from toe to head.It's the way the hands move after each other in a sync and the legs flap,and the way you can see the ground below 9 feet lucid water.Everything.That could be so captivating that I can spend my whole life swimming.People run after barbie doll size.I mean seriously.Barbies are dolls. They are to be played with. Nobody has ever figured out what a Bratz doll would look like in life size with the same proportions ...or maybe they have... my guess is that it would have a rather difficult time supporting its ginormous head.

I recently read an article somewhere tearing apart Mattel for selling barbies. The article took the stance that Barbies are responsible for setting unrealistic expectations on our bodies growing up. I don't know about you ladies - but Barbie? Nooo. They let their best to curl the strangles of hair to barbie sorta. I also noticed that they are very aerodynamic when launched at my cousin's feet first over a decade. Why would they stop now?
Stop blaming a plastic toy. I get that Hollywood places unrealistic expectations that women sometimes feel pressure to emulate. But as long as the world is turning - they will have plastic dolls with long legs, teeeensy waists AND they will have some kind of pageant awarding women for something that they had very little to do with - genetics and hair spray. Don't get me wrong; some of these ladies are very committed to healthy living and to working out - and god knows I get how hard that can be since I work my ass off - some have even demonstrated some impressive levels of academia... but mostly people - they are there because they have mastered the most important skills of all; teasing their hair, putting just the right amount of Vaseline on their teeth and knowing which heels will really set that jeans off.... I still watch the shite. I still play with buy Barbies (for my uncle's daughter...) Can't help it. We're just a bunch of critical enablers.My point is - I think blaming Mattel for poor body image makes about as much sense as blaming a toy company because you couldn't find a real pink pony with wings. Unless someone actually has... in that case - I want one too...
I may find our twin barbies with one eye gone somewhere under the bed this time during the next break to home.And then I may think of my old days while I & my Sista wasting entire evening making a polka dotted matching hand-gloves, and on the very holler of Maa both of us would hide it at certain corner of study-room that we could never find it back.To our surprise again after ages of exams and years you find it under the sofa-set and there is a spider living inside it and then you are traumatized and then you have to check those hand-gloves too haven't become an arachnid haven..Oh I miss every little corner of my home and those piles of old books on shelves and father's umpteen bills and receipts under the teapoy sheet and most importantly I am totally a goner with my words and my sore-throat. I am that sick. Gotta scoot. May be 3-4 Namcold along with Crocin would kill my cold.I can not even read what I am writing. To hell with coldness & may be fever by this time now.Go away. G'nyt.

PS: Inspiration for the post: Mustang Sally.Wilson Pickett just picked up my mood in doomsday like this.But hey.I am not Sally and don't either own a Mustang.So don't you judge me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jazz Time

Aloha.Time 12.37am.I am tired to the bones.I got a bed nicely-made right in front of me to crash on.But what am I doing is, analyzing accents.We had this funny call set up this night with bunches of onsite guys.Couple of them were British and imagine my happiness. I'm like head over heels for their accent.We know it's just no case of Medulla Oblongata,but still.And when we talk British, their slang have the particular taste.Oh ,Mate,I can not just scribble the total part now.Super-drowsy,I am.Stick around,I will come up with a big post soon.
And you really don't wanna miss the below jazz.
Let's just call the whole thing off.

Quel Night :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Old Man & The Sea

"The clouds were building up now for the trade wind and he looked ahead and saw a flight of wild ducks etching themselves against the sky over the water, then blurring, then etching again and he knew no man was ever alone on the sea."
-The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway

You know what today is! Well not Diwali. But why does he pop up in my mind. It's been October 1992 Diwali,my Grandpa left me.I was still talking to him while travelling.He was there motionless and almost gone to another world in the car.I thought he would wake up and yell at me for distorting his well-managed coiffure.And of course unlimited story of fishing at the bay side and bringing aayi's hand made milk-pedas.

One  particular saturday,I had my school off.We,at the river-side screaming,fishing,counting the number of fishes we caught.

Me: Why do you call me Andakhai, aaja?

Him: Cause you always have one of those in breakfast. Be it chicken's or be it fish's,Don't you?

Me: But why do call Di Mendhakhai(Sheep-eater) then? She does not eat any of those?

Him: Well,it rhymes with you.Though she's a resemblance with mutton-eater.So I derived.

[I,busy in thinking how valid the point is.]

Him: Now you can be a crab-eater. We got many of those this turn.

Me: Aayi's gonna make my day.[Running away back home..]

20 Years since then and I still feel like missing country-side-fishing with Aaja.

Memories. They don't die.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dunkaccino Over Sir Downey Jr.

Al, Al, Al.........
Maybe I accidentally hit my head recently and maybe as we speak I am living in a hallucinogenic alternate dimension within my own subconscious, but wasn't there a time when Al Pacino was one of the greatest actors of.. well my uncle's time ?
I mean, the dude was a respected actor, wasn't he?  Scarface, Dog Day Afternoon, Scent of a Woman.  I even seem to remember him being in a little independent film called THE super-tramp GODFATHER!!!! (although I do believe that in the U.S. release, they dropped the 'super-tramp' from the title.
You know what I did last day.The moment of sheer happiness out of Robert downey Jr's Sherlock-II caught me into a resemblance when he shouted "Fashionably you have me as an ally"...There. Pause Now.Did he just look like Pacino.I believe more of Siamese twins. Two genius of the time and now looked alike.And I had to see Pacino when I remembered him then.Here's what my minimal slyness in finding the most-matching picture of both.
(Really!! How do it come off!!)
 IMDB-ed and to my surprise every damn ones been revised 10+ times.There I made a decision like Jack & Jill.Oh,Go ahead and laugh at me,If you don't want to do for Adam's talent of Razzie there.
You remember that piece of shit film, don't you?  It's the movie where Adam Sandler puts on a dress and plays the part of his twin-ster (My Bad...TWIN SISTER!)Yes, you read that correctly.  His SISTER!  Do you get it?  Adam Sandler is a GUY!  And he's dressing up like a GIRL!  Holy shit that is some funny stuff!  Why hasn't Hollywood ever thought of that idea before???I knew it was going to be awful.The idea of switching from Robert Downey Jr to some clank version of the Razzie awarded one where Pacino appeared,Right!!But the thing is, it's NOT awful.

It's......  It's......
Honestly, I don't have a word for it.  Calling it 'awful' would be an insult for all the fine things in this world that worked hard and busted their ass to attain the title of 'awful'.This movie left me speechless.And it's not so much because of Adam Sandler.  Mr. Sandler has LONG ago proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can't make a funny movie. So, I wasn't surprised there.Let me make a statement here.Those people who call they can make people laugh aren't exactly the ones who do.It's the grumpy ones always work out properly.
No, what threw me for a loop was the fact that he got AL PACINO to star in this movie with him!
I still can't wrap my head around it, but let me summarize the movie in a nutshell for you:
Adam Sandler has a twin sister who is a pain in the butt  Adam, meanwhile, owns an advertising company who is going to lose his business if he can't get Al Pacino to star in his new Dunkin' Donuts commerical, advertising their new coffee, the "Don-Cachino".
I'll fast forward about 84 minutes, and just ruin the whole movie for you by showing you the final 2 minutes.
You ready?  Ok, here we go......
Here we end with Happy-Don-Cachino-Sunday-Post.In case you've had the slightest misfortune to try it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

For You,A Thousand Times Over :)

(Amir reading out  "Rostam and Sohrab" story to Hassan. )
Better late than neverbut never late is better. That's how I console myself after watching The Kite Runner.A 2007 academy award winner and marvelous it is.Two childhood bonds and extremely intense.Talking about potentiality, I barely stand them.This time it was that upsetting like they reviewed. But it gets shadowed by the pretty old depiction of friendship they had and how it turned out to be brothers.Apart from the dummy review, enjoy the below clip.

"Did I ever tell you your father was the best kite runner in Kabul? He made all the neighborhood kids jealous. He'd run the kites and never look up at the sky. Some claimed he was just chasing the kite's shadow. But they didn't know him like I did. Your father wasn't just chasing shadows. He just knew. That's all."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ernie's Mood

On an Independence Day like this,who sits at home and mulls over stuffs to do.After morning rumination on how jobless I am, I had to preclude good things out of my to-do list of the day.Anywhos why ?Cause it's damn-awaited independence day.People wait for this day to close shops and doze off a gala time. I buy this too. So I am gonna have to doze off too.Not that all. Other than that my inquisitive mind is up to checking every possible payment receipt of electricity,hired stuffs, Phone bill,Alteration bills and call them to yell at with ballistic reasons. Joblessness is the mother of cruelty. Not unfathomable though.Engrossed with Sherlock Holmes and Family Guy. Weird duo,right!! No. Not at all.Get the below video on Radar and you will see how Lord Blackwood and Ernie had resemblance in their way of dying. Simpatico,Where art thou?!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

King's Men

Beauty.Life.Happiness.Is all I think of now.And may be a little worried about what's up sleeves.Weekend's over.Did not have a single idea how time flew.When I say memorable time,it must include Robert Plant music in it.Almost night.
The soundtrack:All the King's Horses

Let me first make a correction by saying that this song is solely by the legendary Robert Plant, and not all of Led Zeppelin. I think this one really goes to show that no matter what genre of music you specialize in, the people who are professional musicians are just extremely talented (I say that loosely, let's not include the "singers" of today like Justin Bieber etc) and could really do just about anything.
Soothing & Dreamy.Hallelujah.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Primal Time

Paid leaves are forced to be good.Boy-o,what a lark.I did not waste a time of this time and that's what I got to scribble about this day.It's been dank for the past couple of days.I did outsmart the weather over this non-sinecure job.Read out timely. Met old kid-buddies.Hardik is on his way to school project of helping blind children around here.I adore and helped him in moving home to home here.And yes,we did good.It was Rs.450+ after total colony kids.Bugs are timely sobered up.I am happy that it's not just those times when I felt like not having a spine.This time,I got it and would keep on getting it.Snapping out of the funk that exam's gonna be good and soon I'd be jabbing along stuffs around.Despite our cisco router failure,8 beam-ticket-reminders-and-no one's-showed-up-case,one broken bed in the other room,shortage of gas in kitchen,3 hours of power-cut everyday,clogged sink,extra 5 people in our flat, not entering to the malls seeing 70% discount, I somehow feel is not bad at all.What I am getting at is "You can not always do the litmus test".Sometimes it's just go with it.
Mood: Complacent
Time: One of those rare evenings
Weather: Monsoon
Food for the post: One mug eggnog and toast
Soundtrack: What a wonderful world