Thursday, January 15, 2009


Oh...yeah..You must have been pondering about the legendary love story of that suave hunk john cusack and Kate Beckinsale...While i am churning out of
memories of some thrilling experience of my life.Well, one can call it the polemicist of a sophisticated oriya brahmin family,yeah atheist word will mostly be appropriate for my post thinking while i was in the mood of experimenting and so on my hell was full of gaffe.And those
eulogistic prayers of my family to "Sri Sathya Sai" was pinging some malevolent quotes upon my head.Oh..i was revolving around the 8th circle of those bloody rules of my family(specially when it comes to sacred rituals..huh..).

Often i sit alone in my garden after a long hardship duration of my studies yelling some soliloquies to my obsessed mind and then the whole thinking follow towards that man who resembles jakir hussain of the then TAJ TEA ambassador...and why maa &
papa are like hell busy in worshipping him.I was like ballistic at their utter foolishness..phew!! But i was not aware of the fact that my so-called "giving-a-damn" technique to the snake-hood like hairy man could lead me to "serendipity".

The day i thought of experimenting the then pied-piper who can reveal the inner me showed me his capability by making somebody other as the winner in the debate compitition in an unconventional way.Yeah..i really mean it 'cause i was there trying to
get his whole plan.And how it happened even i don't know.But it happened anyhow.And those sudden appearance of lots of unknown folks in my life and helping me anyways.Who were they exactly even if i'll start searching them over google i can not get their identity.Before taking
some very important steps in my life the man who appeared in my dream and uttered some words though i didn't get them or could remember them,still there was always some hints through which i have reached till now the present life.

I put my whole fortitude thinking myself as the iconoclast in revealing his identity(the real power behind his name).But more i was trying to be out of this the less i could keep away of his blessings.One night while thinking a lot of my real conuest i slept and then i saw the 2-D photo of him converting to 3-D with some little clarification.Like his smiling become more prominent
and even till now i am sure that was not my hallucinations.Now i can get how wrong i was about him.The man who can surely make time travel possible in a jiffy what einstein took lots of years to prevail the funda.Thanks maa and papa for making me try some experience hitherto.I feel now the effect of yours sacred rituals on me.Felicitating that supreme power for getting one number increase in his devotee's list.Hmm..i can say now those "serendipity" forced me to love him.signing off with sathya sai's blessings....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ah..was it like a willy-willy or nargis?? Wel , now if it is willy-willy one can presume the speed and as per can feel like that.And the same can be implemented over nargis.Anyways, come to the next era..Well knowledge is something which is in grotto or always among us? perhaps it is nothing with a simple word with a ledge.! It never includes innovission or come to the so-called question ..who comes first?hens or eggs?? well , if egg comes first then after that hens..And so the man who answered it egg comes first is lets go on.If anybody will ask you while wiping the utensils about the pollitics. what is it? its polluted and hence its every poluted polliticians is beautiful irrespective of caste and gender..people just have to carry on voting some polliticians..And in this way the vienna circle has completed its first readers just have to wait for the second revolution..

VAG-A-BOND mind!!!

Why the people can not ever get out of those past years itch.And if they are into all these they should get their objectives as soon as they update their new weapons.But at a time when if lots of things are done that lead to a great ambiguity.And the way she thinks may be nobody thinks.That's why she is inside a lightened aura while other people search thereselves in the utter darkness.well,now she entered into the evolution of the earth.wel let's make a list of those god's creation..If every living creation would be written on a single years calender then 1st jan,12.00am would represent the creation of amoeba or any singlecell creatures.They would have last till the february.Then there may be some aquatic life till the end of february.Then the amphibians would have created till the end of february and will continue on its own form may be till april.And so on april leads to some terrestrials.And likewise till lots and lots of amphibians would have got their evolution upon earth till december.Let's consider the dinosaurs came on 25th december and homosapiens arrived on 31st december 11.45pm.Wel now its inferred that we people have only completed 15 minutes upon earth.And what we have done.The normal people have got success in maintaining their daily life.Some got distracted out of it.World is predicting its 3rd world war with lots of nuclear weapons ready to be launched.The virtual life is at its verge.People very rarely aware of their sorrounding.Creativity is just screwed.And some revolution in some natural resources. Certainly a loud outcry came out of the room inside.She returned.So she saw 2 lil kids were ighting for a cadbury choc. what they lost while fighting.So she offered them to go with her cause some of her relative is a cadbury products factory owner.So both of the kids kept quiet and after sometimes they agreed even.Now 3 of them returned to the so-called home-sweet-home while two were expecting a dream cadburry heap..And the third one is out of her conquest of aim.

Narco analysis test

"Over the hillock i wish the rain to heavily fall as the harvest problem may arise." ..Thinking this vindisa returned to her nether region..In other words she was hauling to be a part of the harvest.But neither she nor her shadow even could touch the entire square board.Over and over she was caught in 22 by the natives of the village.
On that afternoon people called of a certain massive protestation with kyndh's leadership against mindisa for she was trying to put some scientific implementation upon the agriculture. But this was not a supportive reason for this people's great forging ahead and her summersault.Wish she could have done the narcoanalysis test upon him to know the reason of this mayhem...but sometimes situation prohibits an interferrence.