Friday, January 20, 2012

When you can't breathe,You can't scream

I believe today is one of the most special day for me.Not special cause i am a moron who woke up super-late,but cause i got up at 12.20 pm around and first movie of the day on star movies was "Anaconda" :).And it's just happened to be my-movie-of-the-childhood.I know,how on earth can one watch Anaconda at the age of 25!But i just got amazed,how i enjoyed it,like i watched my first movie in the movie hall.I remember,Papa did not make out anywhere else that Sunday and we made out for this movie.I'd shifted to a new school then.Probably that was class 4-ish in my new second school.There was another family sharing our flat.Their 2 kids were my best buddies,other than my sis.We two family went out together to "Anaconda".I was literally living the shrills of those times in the movie hall when anaconda entered for the first time in the screen,today.And suddenly 'Lorie'(she was 2 years old then,i suppose) started crying the hell out seeing that.It made me think how the 15 years passed too quickly.I sort of kept on describing one best part of this movie years and years after to my school buddies.And that was when the Anaconda gulped the total-Jon-Voight and after a while vomited him,so he landed up infront of J-Lo winking his eyes.Funny Stuff.And the best movie scene of the time 1997-2012 goes to,

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