Saturday, December 25, 2010

Out Of The Fallacy!!!

Merry Christmas!
This time it's a feel of completeness!!I have been into the techies and the client interaction techniques and all in all into a very well transformed world.Or guys you can say it has become the JAZZ of the life that i have ever aspired of!!I do frog sometimes,But then again i can see the sparkling eyes around my cubicle and their expectation in me.As soon as the fellas come around to me with the slow stiffed gait,a feel of consciousness arises in me.And now I just feel the world revolving with a high speed and the things i have to write...It's just surreal.(Today i just had a good time at the ST ALPHONSUS CHURCH at Banjara Hills.)

Like the Nassim Nicolas Taleb language it is epistemocracy That has pulled me into it.I have been so particular in the things i deal with that while runningfor the 10H at the 9.20pm at the gachibowli square,i have to sort out my frnds problem so that it would not be of much pain in the a** at home while having a proper dinner.So its just matters a lot at the end of the day,"Being Happy"! And this is like one american says "I am Happy" with just the head being tilted 45 degrees towards the gravitational pull.So here goes with a good start off for the new year.Listing out my resolutions.
(1).Going for swimming this time. :)
(2).Peoplesoft is my bible these days,And i am positive about i being a good techie this time.
(3).Whatever the goddamn situation it may be,I will talk to my momma on a daily basis.
(4).On a trial of lowering my prevailed usage of slangs. ;)
(5).Weekends should meant for Guitar Practice.(not being the bollcks!)
(6).At the end of the day a page from any of the books should be read up.
(7).I should avoid of watching those cheeky flicks with the friends,rather than going for a substantial one all alone.
(8).The concept of "Pay It Forward" should be my weekly schedule.
(9).Ignore the stroppy cows in my chats.
(10).Last but not the least i will try my best to avoid the chichken drumsticks..Will give a visit to Pink Elephant on a monthly basis.
So i guess all of you into Good Times by Tommy Lee..Wish you a Superb New Year ahead!

Au Revoir! :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


This time it is my office..I was damn excited being a part of the project and learning peoplesoft.Suddenly,may be gradually i am loosing the interest.
It's just a matter of cubicle named as WST-130 and a system.I do believe i am a slow learner,but it is really really tough for me to catch up people going off at a tangent.The queries can't be learnt so quickly and it's too vast.Everyday it's a story of another Iwo Jima.People do act so well.The diplomatic mails.Too daunting a task it is.At a point i have to skip the lunch as it is of zimmern's flavoured bizarre foods with evrything spicy.The next phase is like "Jazz solve that issue,ASAP." And some other fellas bickering "Don't you know this and that".I feel so helpless and the next moment will jump out of that burj tower.Am i mentally challenged,I have to ask this question umpteen times a day(seeing fellas staring at my helpless look).As if something's gnawing away at my tether.Each attempt of mine is treated as a 'no-point task'.The way i approach to the issue,the time i take-- is just DAMN!Don't know if there's any way out.Neither could i find the existence of my brain in beetween the overhaul.It's just grotty.But still as i have to act,show off goes on!The jaunty way is of no way.I literally crave for furore.I just stand up to see the people,how they doing.I put my music player on times to times just catch the rhythm of creed "hey god i m just a dot in the world,have you forgot about me?!..."..children don't stop can fly high ..awayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Salut Dudes and Dudettes!!!
So i guess i am back after my reincarnation..Dont know why but every time i came to the blogspot to scribble the feelings up,it was a moronic n dumb writer kind of blindering or may be its drolling in the other way.So fellas, i just want to share those dozens of things that happened to me in the past lively days(No I am not an dystopian! Mark the tune.).So list of the things that changed in my life..
(1).Have a bunch of nuts roaming with me always.

(2).Started up with the guitar.(Thanks to tej :))

(3).Kind of loving my job.(Cause of the nerds who make me feel special with this Gyan called "Peoplesoft"...No my team members are not a damn Orwellian.)
(4).Had an horrible(i do believe) accident with my roomie and fractured my ligaments.

(5).Started and then dropped the plan of going for GRE.(It's completely grotty it seems!
(6).Celebrated my 22nd Birthday.Phew but could not catch up the wave.

And the stuffs that still persists...
(1).My "T virus" nightmare is still on.I still watch those "resident evil" waking up the whole night.
(2).The fighting to get into corporate ettiquettes is ON like i used to.
(3).My NATGEO love persists yet.
(4).Words do play with me.

(4).I still do cry when i am alone thinking of my momma,pappa n di..It's been really a long time since i have been to my JERICHO.

So enough of me.How's ya'll? Did i miss any big things there?
Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about...So folks i believe there is a bash everywhere..where is it this time ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I felt like the time when an important session is going on.As people call it eccentric and so as i.Here i am struggling to get into the business demands and then the oracle applications.The facilitator is much into menus,request groups,data groups and all those stuffs.The whole concept is based upon only one thing and that is responsibility.And i suppose i am flowing out of the context now.It is happening and will ever happen with me as i always run out of the basics.All i can do is just laugh and laugh and laugh out loudly.And it's proved here.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Uhmm...ohhh...ok...what...ehh..huh...Again!...Done. Well,then let me share some of the whackiest,weirdest(Not obviously the water-cooler moment!) facts i discovered on the page of wikipedia sharing some bytes.

Not to promise,that i may bore some of you again with some of the crappy,crawling stuffs as they say in a night full of rock on!I agree I sometimes show up with my grandiloquent words bullying some people.But believe me,the time is gone.And this time I promise you,I surely want you readers to realize how much can I screw more than the previous posts ever.I may not be the bad,but then I promise I can be the worst.It’s all your gratitude that you have come up with one or two or no comments at maximum on my posts(to all of the bloggers who jump to my land to investigate the real me and then end up with a question mark).This time abviously I will not show up again with the smileys as per bachi karkaria in my previous posts.Not even the vocabs,before 3 or 4 posts recently.Cause there are already lots and lots of holes,burnt inside my brain(Hope in yours too).

Okay,Okay.In the end the fact is here.That little thing in the Littlewood’s law make me go abandon though.The romance between the exceptional event and the unexceptional event.Not like that as you think of Brad pitt and Angelina!!According to Littlewood “THE MIRACLE” or “THE VERY EXCEPTIONAL EVENT” occur at a frequency of one in a million.And as the wiki says a human(that’s us.) is awake/conscious eight hours per day and along with that it can experience one event per one second(exceptional or unexceptional).And so on one can experience a total of 1,008,000 events in 35 days.Hmm..So the question here is how many of them are exceptional and how many of them are unexceptional? Going through the probabilities one can experience 1,007,999 unexceptional events…..Wait!!That leads to “ONE, A GREAT ONE!!” exceptional demanded event…Well it’s not about “EUREKA” again…It’s the “mind power made easy“ book that you have to mug up.Just be sure what you want and practice the above book and in the end contact Littlewood if you don’t achieve the miracle.But the elusive miracle about which you seem to be damn interested should have a clear aspect in those 35 days of delivery.

Anyway!Today is 23rd January.I am thinking of that elusive miracle what I want to have.Till then you be assured none of a single cell of your brain is unaffected.

NB:Everything in the mart is pretty hyped up.Except the Unexceptional event!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Just completed the evening prayer and now my mind is busy in how to complete the cream-stuffings of the cookies i am having now.Hush!what is it!The sound behind the staircase?I have to check it. wait!......


Well till yet i am unable to identify the eerie sound i heard just some minutes ago.I know,sometimes in life we go across some creepy happenings which has no explanation.In my btech life even i went across some of these kind of occurrence though.Anyway the situation right now is memorising me of a "true story" that i
read up on a magazine(probably of some institute's,i don't remember it.).The guy who wrote it,was then persuing his +3 in ravenshaw,cuttack.That night he went to his friend's to get some notes of the previous classes what he missed.And by that he crossed 11pm there at his friend's.But at any case he had to leave the place
as that was the examination season he had to mug up.Well,it was a cold-drowsy-fogged-complete dark-lonely outing along the ring road(it is not a place to roam at this time.).There was no street lights though.He was as if prompting to the tunes of the remix version of "AND I WALK ALONE,I WALK ALONE....".But suddenly a ray of hope arose out of all gloomy infinite possibilities of being killed by the ghosts.Lol!He had to grab up to that place.And when he got closer by he could see a man fully clad with a shawl with his chat stall."At about 11.45pm how is it possible to discover a man at such a time!"He pondered.But it seemed like being too secured of seeing a species of your own kingdom at the crucial moment."Thank you god!"He murmured.He went to him and asked,"bhaiya,one plate chat please!"The country man smiled and started getting out of his shawl which got entangled with his hand.And then taking a short break he then smiled and buckling up he started preparing..But.....gosh!!....What is it!!.......

That was a horse leg rather,instead of his hand.A complete cold vibe spreaded
over the body of the guy.He could not control but ran away as fast as he could.
And he ran,he ran.With all the world leaving behind him,without having the conscience of that the world exist even.After a couple of breathless moments of his cowardness he discovered a rickshaw,where the rickshawwala had slept inside trembling with cold.He shouted right there and asked him to go to ravenshaw.The rickshawwala seemed quite happy seeing a customer after a day of rigorous work,but less income.Then the guy felt like he was back to the basic lifetryingto avoid what he had seen just some minutes ago.But he was again getting into that.Being failed in summarizing what had happened he wanted to take the rickshawwala's help and started describing the whole saga.In the end while it came to a fullstop,the rickshawwala said,"Sir,are you talking about this kind of hand."He unravelled his hand out of the shawl.That was the same carbon copy of the culprit....

The next moment the guy discovered himself in the hospital with his friends around him.What happened after that he did not remember……

But there are lots of unsolved mysteries which is yetunsolved.Scientists,

foretellers are on their way to solve it.Let's wait how long it will take!

Gosh!Who's at the buzzer! ...

That's maa..came from shopping right now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I know..I know..My blogspot has become too heavy now-a-days with my heavy dose of imotions.But i have become addicted of missing my Btech/hostel life.(And my friends,who often i called my Anodyne,are not here.).The morning shout enquiring if it is the day of full-bunking or merely a half day!And then the "Girls' day out".Someday attending classes with vigour and enthu.Then the rest days of the week bunking'em all.The evening hang out in the cafe,the omfed parlour..gosh!! What the time it had been!And coming to my gang musketeers..Miki,Ful2,Sarmin,Surbhi,Anjana,Upasana,Payal,Shrabani,Subhashree,Lipsa,Ruchi,Manisha,Muni,Ritu,Liza,Madhu And who knows the next moment i will run out of enough characters on my keyboard.:)Sarmin .Aka poopoo.She excels in each of her oeuvre at the same time full of gaffes.Copies Hillary duff like anything.Ek number ki fattu hai!Delicious food is in front of you and which moment she will jump into that nobody knows.I remember one incident ofcourse.One day Miki and i was talking over the corridor.When we saw sarmin was coming towards us,we ran into the room and kept the cookies inside the godrej locked,thinking that we were saved....LOL!!What the scary scene that was!But now today i wish sarmin would come now again and i would be afraid of losing my piece of cake..:(.The over night discussion forum about topics ranging from physics to fashion and about breaking taboo and all just before the semester..Wow!(See the heights!).Coming to surbhi..(well,the surname is "Dangi" which's been hidden by "Raj" would comment and comment,while i would be singing (rather screaming) seeing the enchante` of the sunrise..(SUNRISE!Dhenku sunrise has become a far-cry here.:()This balcony roamer was preaching loads of fundas added by slangs before SATYAM's campus--How to enter in and how to react to the interviewer With some BODHITREE songs!LOL!(JDJ mam).This is how we appeared the first campus.I miss you my "RAPIDSHARE FILE" (Watching movies and supplying that was her hobby.)..Don't know when i got addicted to yours bhasanwaji...:(..Anjana-the outing with her just amazing.These days i am pondering while my shopping is ending with in 1hr only.A kind of spirit who would agree with you asking her out at 1am while she would be sleeping and dreaming of shopping abviously.:).And Upasana(Oopsi) the fashionista taught us the cat walk through the 4 yrs.Those tea party at payal,shrabani,subhashree with so much of energy in discussing the whole world news along with the khatti in that Mishra's eateries (Ofcourse that was ours' Mcdonald's!)...Each and everything seems like yesterday.The time is 4.30pm now..And i feel like going to Omfed parlour with oopsi,anjana recalling thousands of hundreds of time that i have to get samoshas and chicken chops for Surbhi and sarmin(As i have a tendency towards short-term-memory-loss!).But how about the long term memory shoved in my head!Well, i have a plan of singing this song in today's prayer session."PURANI JEANS AUR GUITAR...MOHALLE KI WOH CHHAT...AUR MERE YAAR..WOH RAATON KO JAAGNA.....SUBAH...Pssstt!!"(Be careful.Who knows Jayashree mam can listen to ours secret..:()MISS YOU ALL GALWAY GURLS!!!

P.S. Sorry to those friends whose pic is not i lost the group pic have to adjust with this..hope no bitching tomorrow!!..:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It's a great evening.I have been waiting for this day from last two weeks.Somebody promised me to come home today.But who remembers the promise made in this century!I am missing those moments for what i have been planning like anything.But the promise is shifted to the next week.Lets see.
This is one of the best song of mine and i want to dedicate it to you.I MISS YOU SIS!

Chaandni muskuraaye
jab hawa kuchh kahe
samjho meri sadayein
hain tere saath mein
jo ghana ho phiza mein andhera
laayenge hum saverey tere liye
yaadon ke ye kaaphile
jaayenge hum jahan
ye zameen aasmaan mile
Narm boondon ki rimjhim
pehli baarish ke din
dopeher garmiyon ki
shaamein woh sard si
rut koi koi mausam koi ghadi
oo ho ho oo
saath mein hum ko hardum tum paaog
Jab kabhi zindagani
tujhko tanha lage
jab kabhi ashq aayein
dil tumhara bujhe
jab kabhi chain khoye ho pareshaan
dekhlo hum wahi hai tere saamne
yaadon ke ye kaaphile
jaayenge hum jahan
ye zameen aasmaan mile


Monday, January 18, 2010


It is 12.31pm,Tuesday 19 Jan.I just checked all the details on my cell phone.The state around if its running now.I am visualising the flower plants are responding to the breeze.The SUN is not that rude.It's completely a quiet melee as i look across the window(only except those diminished generator and vehicle sound far away!).The sky ..ehh it's completely lucid.The sunrays are trying their best,pulling themselves to the optimum range to touch the newspapers,magazines,diary,spec on my bed.But see there stands the window rods which is against their unity,making dark patches among them and so on the window dimensions even.Hey welcome!Here comes a crow and a bee all together.The crow is gazing around and inside through the window with it's immaculate movement.And it just flew away to another place again to gaze and in search of bacterias.And :(((...(I am using Bachi karkaria's suggestion to use double emoticons for an intensified expression.).It is cause i could not catch up the bee with it's activities,as was busy with the crow.It went being ignored.My eyes are again transfixed on the plant movement....But i have to write'em all..Have to capture this solely feeling all at a go.Ants!Wait!Uncountable ants are all ga-ga along with their life and the queue on the boundary wall.Where they are coming from and where they are leading to-to investigate that i just get to need more couple of hours.There is a spider web on that tree.But supposedly the spider has gone somewhere to get something.[MAY BE!!]And right now i can watch the white rose turning it's direction towards the window side.Here comes a dry leaf suddenly fallen down making rounds and rounds around it.Lots of things are happening here.And again here on my bed some alphabets in an arranged way reading themselves "WHAT IS DIGITAL CLEANSE?"..."GANESHA SAYS..BEJAN DARUWALLA"..."MY PERSONAL DIARY"(i am scribbling the thoughts of 19th jan on "JANUARY 12 TUESDAY" page!)."what have i been doing those days then?"..How can i capture them back?Using my sense i can say "Millions of things are happening around me.The time is on high speed.But then i have to feel all the things those come by and pass by,through my primitive privilege"....A mosquito came...making sounds..MMMMMMMMMMMMM..........

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I DREAMT OF.....:)

Has anybody of you remembered any of your childhood dream or passion to be like an actor/pilot/photographer/chef/miss world etc etc?Yeah those were quite outrageous!But as the time flew away we had to forget all of them being trained to be a rat going along with what our parents/society demands in a conventional way!
Well,here goes my secret childhood as it continues in some corner of my mind,heart and vision!I always dreamt of being an anchor-interviewer-journalist-writer-photographer-psychiatrist.But i never wanted to be a doctor.Are they still providing any kind of job which combines all the above categorises?I was often addicted of knowing about lots of personality.I remember those redcross,NCC camps,interschool compititions where i would be like interacting with lots of friends and trying to make their silhouettes.My friend circle was of a huge bunch,those i forgot most of them as the time passed.:(.I remember how wild this passion was.It started somewhere near between class V and VI.Was a die-hard fan of Aamir khan.Starting from collecting his photos,biography to those statements what he had made before any paparazzo(of my category.).I dreamt of lots and lots of taking his interview along with Reena(And now it is Kiran.I love her creativity sense..:)).Then the next morning i would bug and bore my sis describing each and every scene including some added innovative successful climax of my own.After all who would like to listen some incomplete/failed story!!Well,i remembered those inspiring dialogues of aamir while he was buckling up for a marathon(in my dream ofcourse,i being the interviewer!:) )And when next morning didi asked "Where was i in your dream?".."Just right next to aamir!"..I retorted!She completed her remark "As you have seen in the early morning time,it's gonna happen.Wait and watch dear!".HAHA.Poor sis.:P.I could smell one soul being completely satisfied though!Then came the struggling life/reality as we call it.Believe me,most of the time after my schooling i almost forgot those dreams,but i am not able to realise the reality yet.As the days are passing i am recalling the days and those dreams (like with aamir,[like with nandita das-one of my role model..i simply adore her irrespective of anything],like with rahul bose,corrs,barkha,homi jahangir bhaba,atal bihari bajpayeeji(in one dream i saw him as my grandpa..:)And the list went on!) and reading out the interviews being taken by somebodyelse.Making me nostalgic...But then the fake engineer would scream out of my soul"C'MMOONN! Give yourself a break.Your sweetest sis cann't ever be wrong.You are on a waiting list!!!"...HUM KHUSH HUYEIN!!...The imaginary "I" would say then...:)..


I wish if i get those days back...While getting up a sunny,bright morning i'll tell FULTU "Idiot,get up!" And then she would be like so hurry in everything as if the time is running.We would get our breakfast by 8am and would run across NH42 to investigate whether jesus's been woken up for us or not.Those small curvy ups-and-downs through the hilly street and while going through them we both would scream"RU-BA-RU.,...ROSHNI..HEYYY!!".We both were of the-giving-damn-attitude to the hostel rules and along with that the fundamental demands of the society.Then it comes the church gate,the-again-narrow-street leading to it,the beautiful tulip flowers,at last the father strolling there with mouth full of smile.Each time we would see jesus's woken up before us..:).A maximum of 15 minutes of silence would prevail over there.Then the signal would come up for a new hang out area.As we leave the place,one of us would discover "the other way" to reach the hostel.In fact the mission is to miss the class by showing others that we are late!!Henceforth the mission discovery would continue for the next couple of hours along those dhenku paths..So we prove ourself by being late.Again those insti cafeteria moments would be calling us.Specially the staircase behind the cafeteria is just amazing.We both prefer to be there as we don't like the crowd inside it.Sipping some cola discussing all the issues of the country as if we are into the presidential posts...:)..And when again we coincide we would scream again.."RU-BA-RU.....ROSHNI..HEYYY!!"...sigh!!