Monday, August 24, 2009


Touching to the brim,
Raving up the fanaticism,
Cooling under the cream,
Is going to blend it on the rhythm!!!

Piano being played to the dirge,
A scrooge helping for a trice,
Tabooing at a go the niche,
The world's gonna be allright!!!


Going being insane,
Ga-ga along the chip-n-dale,
Pretending as if it's slacken,
Is forging ahead again!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey all bloggers who's passing by this blog hang on for just a jiffy.While going through my studies i've gotten some real strange words,very difficult topronounce,but yet enough interesting to deal with.Anyways for me i find them quite captivating.So i just wanted to share it with u fellas.have a look at'em n cherish the verbosity..

TARRADIDDLE:something pretentiously nonsense,abracadabra,gibberish,balderdash,claptrap,blether,flibbertigibbet,brummagem etc.
CAMARILLA:a clique that seeks power usually through intrigue,junta,cabal etc.
BROUHAHA:an uproar.
TROGLODYTE:a cave dweller.
VALETUDINARIAN: a sick person,morbid.
JAMBOREE:a large boisterous party,bacchanal.
SALMAGUNDI:radicchio,fattousah,a salad or mixture of different food items.
QUIDNUNC:scuttlebutt,gossip or rumor.
GALLIMAUFRY:a collection containing variety of sorts of things,hodgepodge,potpourri etc.
NEBUCHADNEZZAR:a very large wine bottle.
TCHOTCHKE:a box used for keeping valuable things,whatchamacallit,bric-a-brac,smorsgasbord,bibelot etc.
DOPPELGANGER:a ghostly double.
BALUSTRADE:a staircase railing.
METHUSELLAH:very old person.
MOUCHARABY:a lattice worked balcony.
HORRIPILATION:goose bumps.
RAZZMATAZZ:a double talk,vimzing etc.
GUERDON:a respective reward or payment for what one has done,comeuppance etc.
DISHABILLE:the state of being carelessly or partially dressed.

Hope everybody's on the ground...Have a good time...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

the other world..

Here i am...waking up a morning,walking around the garden can ever smell the serenity of the earth.After a long marathon of round about 22 years i am again stopped in a jiffy which is not affected of the earth rotation.The morning zephyr that's passing through is an harbinger proclaiming it's whisper to be cared about.Rather its not that tocsin which rings up each time in ours brain for a new cul-de-sac to be solved.Sometimes a blank mind is what we need desperately to be alive.It's been drizzling for ages.The shivering leaves of the teak trees is just standing for it's imprisoned silhouette.The halcyon around my home.....
A silent roar of the rain since an unknown predefined period is such complacent.Its an era of the conversation of the subatomic particles.Let them be without being spoken a single word.This world..the other world is meant for petering out the balderdashes i am into for such a long duration....And so on i am lost in one of the rain drops watering the plants again....

Monday, August 10, 2009


Decades ago while i was just into my schooling...Being
hell busy with my buddies in some bloody balderdashes
somebody superior mentioned the talents that were sparking
on everybody's eye sclera..Everywhere i went,this talents had become a matter of
discussion.And in the end of the day while rendezvousing
with some relatives somebody again started the same
thing.That's been discussed the whole day.Those had become
the CHEF D'OEUVRE over the day of some hectic schedules.

Life it teaches us all and those ilk which
remains ever numb it makes it dazzled..The aspects should
be the core thing what one is afraid of.cause it's been
waiting for a long turn on its side to be unravelled.SO What we are waiting for!!!

Let's achieve the prospect..put fight!!!!