Wednesday, December 9, 2009


While I was in class1, I remember one incident vividly.
May be it's because the kind of occurrence is tautological till now.
And as I’ve been here and now since then I feel like somehow, some of the things are related to that.

That was a Saturday morning. I was practicing some new tantrums to throw upon papa for not going to school. But like everyday I failed to maintain the drift being at school where
Everything was alien to me except the break time. When I returned from the school "Tuka nani"(my childhood caretaker showed me the great discovery of her. Guess what? That was a bird. While that was carried out for the scrumptious meal of the vultures, it fallen over my roof. It was awful. But then again we both tried our best to make it alive. That was so numb. So soft to feel. Each time I was about to touch that, the squinted eyes would scare the hell out of that. Days went and with that my new friend started twittering. Gosh...What an amazing feeling! I ran, from house to house in my colony declaring about my friend. Everybody was so happy! But certainly the biggest fear of losing the bird creeps up into my mind. The next moment i went to the market with papa and bought a beautiful cage to put my dearest bird inside that. And i was visualizing the more days were passing the less was the twittering. The dazzle in her eyes was about to diminish.

I was asking my maid again and again why the bird was not twittering. But she was a dumb. And one day waking up in the afternoon i saw the cage was empty. All hell broke loose. Burning in anger i ran to "Tuka nani" charging her what she has done to the bird.
..."I LET IT GO TO FEEL THE FREEDOM”. She replied calmly. And then i was the dumb crying unnoticedly.There i was standing on the terrace, trying to hear the twittering beyond the horizon. And then i closed my eyes, tried to feel” how it feels...While my lost bird is flying in an open sky".

I'm missing my tuka nani and the bird who taught me "LOVE LIES IN LETTING IT FREE..."


The post thought of a well-done-job which gives me an abstract feeling of joie de vivre and the ultimate sin, is something that completes me. Sounds unscrupulous. But that’s what my self-realisation.ADMIRE it or ABUSE it…I do not know how far it is going along with the conventional path. But that’s the feeling…the feel (one can call it visualization) of SALVATION.

Starting from the memorable it the days of accolades/awards or be it the days of failures, there is a purified “happiness and obsession”. Purified obsession...Yeah.That it is. EUPHEMISM….I must tell you the days when I surrender to my failure accepting it and the same time smiling, congratulating at the victory of my opponents. And I (was and am) sure of it, that there was no ambiguity in those feelings (then and now).I did not find me guilty, when I was reassuring a friend of mine telling her about the skeleton version of those “A FEW GOOD PEOPLE”.I should not have said that I did not blame them. But I am saying,” Yes, I did.” Listen, I poisoned some out of you readers in front of a depressed friend of mine to get out of her some sin. And then again in the next morning when I saw her in the library corridor singing happily “Jeevan Maraa Nahi Karta Hai…”
….HOLD ON! This is the place where I got salvation in those (“Bitching and extolling…bad/good as we people call it”).I would like to say both are amazing. They make me reach the penultimate conscious level of a blank….the place where the soul desires/deserves/denies or feel nothing. It is like the distance between any two points on the perimeter of the circle which seems to be straight. And as the centre demands the point to be with it, it agrees with the radius.

The golden days of helping a blind to cross the road, to visit the orphanage just to spend some quality time, the street in the winter where me and my buddy used to go to see those cute puppies, the father in the church who used to teach us some morals and (then again the silly bickering, disrespect to seniors at some points, denying to accept my gurus seeing some silly mistakes in them, demoralizing anything important)…EVERYTHING…..THE GOOD and THE BAD, hold salvation in the moment, called the “TRANSIT PERIOD”. Call it milliseconds or microseconds of that realization where my consciousness was a constant irrespective of anything in the world. If I can collect those moments all together...I can be the enlightened diva. But then again I’m a variable going along with other variables making rounds and rounds on a circle aiming to be ended up at the point where I’ve started exactly. People bicker over comparing the quality and period of the radius without considering the centre. I am one of them.
But I promise I will get it all free from awards and purgatorial sanctification after my death…!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Touching to the brim,
Raving up the fanaticism,
Cooling under the cream,
Is going to blend it on the rhythm!!!

Piano being played to the dirge,
A scrooge helping for a trice,
Tabooing at a go the niche,
The world's gonna be allright!!!


Going being insane,
Ga-ga along the chip-n-dale,
Pretending as if it's slacken,
Is forging ahead again!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey all bloggers who's passing by this blog hang on for just a jiffy.While going through my studies i've gotten some real strange words,very difficult topronounce,but yet enough interesting to deal with.Anyways for me i find them quite captivating.So i just wanted to share it with u fellas.have a look at'em n cherish the verbosity..

TARRADIDDLE:something pretentiously nonsense,abracadabra,gibberish,balderdash,claptrap,blether,flibbertigibbet,brummagem etc.
CAMARILLA:a clique that seeks power usually through intrigue,junta,cabal etc.
BROUHAHA:an uproar.
TROGLODYTE:a cave dweller.
VALETUDINARIAN: a sick person,morbid.
JAMBOREE:a large boisterous party,bacchanal.
SALMAGUNDI:radicchio,fattousah,a salad or mixture of different food items.
QUIDNUNC:scuttlebutt,gossip or rumor.
GALLIMAUFRY:a collection containing variety of sorts of things,hodgepodge,potpourri etc.
NEBUCHADNEZZAR:a very large wine bottle.
TCHOTCHKE:a box used for keeping valuable things,whatchamacallit,bric-a-brac,smorsgasbord,bibelot etc.
DOPPELGANGER:a ghostly double.
BALUSTRADE:a staircase railing.
METHUSELLAH:very old person.
MOUCHARABY:a lattice worked balcony.
HORRIPILATION:goose bumps.
RAZZMATAZZ:a double talk,vimzing etc.
GUERDON:a respective reward or payment for what one has done,comeuppance etc.
DISHABILLE:the state of being carelessly or partially dressed.

Hope everybody's on the ground...Have a good time...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

the other world..

Here i am...waking up a morning,walking around the garden can ever smell the serenity of the earth.After a long marathon of round about 22 years i am again stopped in a jiffy which is not affected of the earth rotation.The morning zephyr that's passing through is an harbinger proclaiming it's whisper to be cared about.Rather its not that tocsin which rings up each time in ours brain for a new cul-de-sac to be solved.Sometimes a blank mind is what we need desperately to be alive.It's been drizzling for ages.The shivering leaves of the teak trees is just standing for it's imprisoned silhouette.The halcyon around my home.....
A silent roar of the rain since an unknown predefined period is such complacent.Its an era of the conversation of the subatomic particles.Let them be without being spoken a single word.This world..the other world is meant for petering out the balderdashes i am into for such a long duration....And so on i am lost in one of the rain drops watering the plants again....

Monday, August 10, 2009


Decades ago while i was just into my schooling...Being
hell busy with my buddies in some bloody balderdashes
somebody superior mentioned the talents that were sparking
on everybody's eye sclera..Everywhere i went,this talents had become a matter of
discussion.And in the end of the day while rendezvousing
with some relatives somebody again started the same
thing.That's been discussed the whole day.Those had become
the CHEF D'OEUVRE over the day of some hectic schedules.

Life it teaches us all and those ilk which
remains ever numb it makes it dazzled..The aspects should
be the core thing what one is afraid of.cause it's been
waiting for a long turn on its side to be unravelled.SO What we are waiting for!!!

Let's achieve the prospect..put fight!!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Suddenly when i heard that Dhenkanal(the place where i am studying) has gotten a book fair..i started thinking like yeah..this is what the elixir i've been into searching from a long time.Anyways as usual poo (It's of my best-buddy) was everready to accompany.So forth we started  ours journey with lots of topics to be discussed.Though the mart is of 4kms away we girls preferred  it by walking so that we could stroll upon lots of kiosks while enhancing our marketing fundas.She is a girl i could say who's into dancing and sporting very much.Well talking about I...I dont like dancing ever in my life & yeah about's a thing i would like to watch from a distance.Still we both make a good couple.So as usual i gave a gear to ours chat by talking about the very regular flick BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM's Jass.Well Well provided..each time something's gonna be started and i would sprung upon by talking about this flick.Though this has become one of those old movies but my mind is stucked in that movie & i would cherish by saying that i'm just addicted of watching this dozen and dozen times a week.So here goes the derivative part.I threw Poo a 64000 dollar question to which she made it a double rather than replying.SO here readers may take your own time to answer this.I mean why the black are always into playing the second fiddle from the very biginning??Gandhi faught in S.A against this.And he said we won...WON??A big damn to it.Talk about "BEND IT.." jass's been pushed aback called "blacky" by the counterpart player.Does it matter of being black skinned or white skinned??If not then why that guy in "TRAFFIC SIGNAL" was very busy in putting those fairness cream day and night dreaming of a fair skin? Sounds so crappy!!!It has become a credo in our society that "blacky" people are the sort of incompetent mutts.While it comes to bloody marriage business somebody can hear those statements like we need the fair skinned  bride or groom..As if it is the color of the skin that's giving them a morality or monetary supply to the life..salee!!huh!!It's the ever gaudy business i've seen in my life.Even sometimes we do sneakingly listen to most of the folks weirdo statements imposing upon some blacky who's been treated as the nightmare/frankenstein of their life.Pondering upon this 21st century people's gusto..!!!You can hear even in this century mothers,grandmothers,fathers all those protagonists busy in emitting the bullshits,if you want to be a bride kind of material put some turmerics or those branded fairness creams..haha..And put the TV on...where your tympanum will start vibrating hearing those "ek tukda chand ka.." like fishy adds.Whoa!! We just completed our shopping & reached hostel by talking about lots of things.But still this question remained unanswered yet...HOW PATHETIC!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Can you imagine with all total of seven nights of description somebody is confessing at a higher pace all about the gung-ho those have been of higher motion picture.

Yeah Yeah!!It's all about the Booker prize winner "The White Tiger".Scribbling the whole letter over seven nights and repeating those versatile water buffaloes sorrounded Balram Halwai aka Munna.He acted the half of his life as an eavesdropper being anxious of those Indian entrepreneur and just ended up in killing one of them while consuming his old post profile.As all the readers may know who have skimmed the book can say that life can show a boy petrified of a gecko can sleep among the cockroaches.Well one just get to experiment those bete noire what's been completely avoided by the established society to be a perfect entrepreneur.You kill somebody;you just let your family go to hell(whom you just need to feed up) and then again for the sake of the leftover humanity you got to take care of yours some single family member with whom you got to wait for the removal of the veil out of yours real endangered recognition(This is what the reality of the entrepreneur of india as shown by Arvind Adiga).The leitmotif is India has got it's criminals wearing it's entrepreneurial haloween outfit..But the sure thing is...Let it be the slumdog millionaire or the white tiger...Everywhere the poor india is screaming.I mean see how expressive and so on powerful the poverty in India is...!!!It can get the Booker prize along with 8 Oscar awards!!!So why not advertise it more....

Sunday, February 15, 2009


well well at last my number has come upon.Its been the time i noticed that i was tagged by joshi sir,the spectrum of my cloud no 9 has become more intesified. Anyways i have never been into such higher hacienda since m into blogging.well here it goes...catch me if you can..

The age you will be on your next birthday:

A Place you would like to travel to:

Your favourite place:

Your favourite food:

Your favourite Drink:

Your favouriter pet:

Your favourite color combination:

Your favourite piece of Clothing:

The town in which you live:

Your first job:

Guess what the bloody heck!!Wel i am not satisfied with my present job..i am just like wasted over here..huh!!!!

Your dream job:

Bad habit that you have:

The first thing you will buy if you get a million dollars:

Your all time favourite Song:

I can persist with it if the whole life if a walky with this music is on...that's what my drift of sticking to one thing!!!!

Your favourite TV shows:

Anybody's there to guess what was the name of this show?? It was near about 8 years ago over national channel..can i hear somebody's laughing!! Well it's cause after my schooldays i've left watching the boobtube.This is the one and only i found stucked in my mind....

Full name of your significant other:

Your nickname:

Hmm...i guess everybody is aware of this awarded flick!!This gurl acted like a superstar over this movie...She relly rocks!! And the most interesting thing is that all of my friends do say i resemble her a lot!!!lol!!!!

Your worst Fear:

lol!! seems ridiculous..but i was helpless in my schooldays..whenever i saw these kind of folks...OMG..Its like i am gonna loose my identity for sure among these i always tried to run away from those situation..But later on i got escaped from this wrong notion..

The one thing you will like to do before you die:

So here i complete my episode.Its been very nice to play on this.Thanks joshi sir..And now folks it's your turn.I am tagging indrani,anurag,dhiren,paramveer,pawan,moffyTOTS,riversoul,rahul,femin susan,joseph sir...

Please do support in letting me know about you.If busy never matter..The cycle can again be started at any time..Good day to all of you!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


That was a deja vu sort of scenario where each morning the street guys are busy in beating up the regular street dogs in animalistic ways.And specially who cares when it comes to the messy grandiose finale of any repertoire.It depends upon the situation at which rate the number of animals will decrease or increase.While on a sunday morning the ever barking dogs were gormandising the left scraps the crane left one or two of them died.Nobody was aware of the dogs as more often people were happy seeing the lessening in the number.Again who has gotten a time to count upon the siamese dogs those stay only based on the name of pollution.
Gobbling up the mixed bacterias and all viruses those animals move from one urban to another in search of their most al fresco they end up with some malicious scraps which cause a donnybrook followed by some of them leaving the world.They bark ,avioding the rappochement all the time and at a certain wink nobody predicts the increasing lacuna among them.After all who cares,rather than their own family members who are on the way to the spoilt jericho.Is there any eye winkling from the window to adduce the death of those lives...Ahem!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Rounded,hexagonal,multigonal brick
pieces used to seem like platinum.It
revolved with a great
speed(accurately not
measured),heating another of same
kind.But here speed does not matter
the most.Here the number of fallen
items are the things which is
ragarded as the chief.Jumping heither
theither the 's' and 'p' contaminated
water gives them a fight...or may be
a superficial law,made by the
director..For them America is a
metropolitan city of India.The great
wall of china is the boundary of
Indya.If gandhiji is the father of
the nation then who's the mother???And again the nation symbolises how
many brothers and sisters...?These confusions arise from the
mind..But no such a school is there
which can answer this...But when they
started searching about this ..the
whole platinum pieces fallen
down..Hey some 'x' got the highest
score..She should get the prize..The
one who scored the lowest should also
get the reward..i.e (For the former
got an extra 2 days vacancies & the
later got an extra 3 days works in
the roadside
entries..groundhogs!!).They were
below age 15..They are the
meteors...Is there any process of
converting that meteors to the

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Oh...yeah..You must have been pondering about the legendary love story of that suave hunk john cusack and Kate Beckinsale...While i am churning out of
memories of some thrilling experience of my life.Well, one can call it the polemicist of a sophisticated oriya brahmin family,yeah atheist word will mostly be appropriate for my post thinking while i was in the mood of experimenting and so on my hell was full of gaffe.And those
eulogistic prayers of my family to "Sri Sathya Sai" was pinging some malevolent quotes upon my head.Oh..i was revolving around the 8th circle of those bloody rules of my family(specially when it comes to sacred rituals..huh..).

Often i sit alone in my garden after a long hardship duration of my studies yelling some soliloquies to my obsessed mind and then the whole thinking follow towards that man who resembles jakir hussain of the then TAJ TEA ambassador...and why maa &
papa are like hell busy in worshipping him.I was like ballistic at their utter foolishness..phew!! But i was not aware of the fact that my so-called "giving-a-damn" technique to the snake-hood like hairy man could lead me to "serendipity".

The day i thought of experimenting the then pied-piper who can reveal the inner me showed me his capability by making somebody other as the winner in the debate compitition in an unconventional way.Yeah..i really mean it 'cause i was there trying to
get his whole plan.And how it happened even i don't know.But it happened anyhow.And those sudden appearance of lots of unknown folks in my life and helping me anyways.Who were they exactly even if i'll start searching them over google i can not get their identity.Before taking
some very important steps in my life the man who appeared in my dream and uttered some words though i didn't get them or could remember them,still there was always some hints through which i have reached till now the present life.

I put my whole fortitude thinking myself as the iconoclast in revealing his identity(the real power behind his name).But more i was trying to be out of this the less i could keep away of his blessings.One night while thinking a lot of my real conuest i slept and then i saw the 2-D photo of him converting to 3-D with some little clarification.Like his smiling become more prominent
and even till now i am sure that was not my hallucinations.Now i can get how wrong i was about him.The man who can surely make time travel possible in a jiffy what einstein took lots of years to prevail the funda.Thanks maa and papa for making me try some experience hitherto.I feel now the effect of yours sacred rituals on me.Felicitating that supreme power for getting one number increase in his devotee's list.Hmm..i can say now those "serendipity" forced me to love him.signing off with sathya sai's blessings....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ah..was it like a willy-willy or nargis?? Wel , now if it is willy-willy one can presume the speed and as per can feel like that.And the same can be implemented over nargis.Anyways, come to the next era..Well knowledge is something which is in grotto or always among us? perhaps it is nothing with a simple word with a ledge.! It never includes innovission or come to the so-called question ..who comes first?hens or eggs?? well , if egg comes first then after that hens..And so the man who answered it egg comes first is lets go on.If anybody will ask you while wiping the utensils about the pollitics. what is it? its polluted and hence its every poluted polliticians is beautiful irrespective of caste and gender..people just have to carry on voting some polliticians..And in this way the vienna circle has completed its first readers just have to wait for the second revolution..

VAG-A-BOND mind!!!

Why the people can not ever get out of those past years itch.And if they are into all these they should get their objectives as soon as they update their new weapons.But at a time when if lots of things are done that lead to a great ambiguity.And the way she thinks may be nobody thinks.That's why she is inside a lightened aura while other people search thereselves in the utter darkness.well,now she entered into the evolution of the earth.wel let's make a list of those god's creation..If every living creation would be written on a single years calender then 1st jan,12.00am would represent the creation of amoeba or any singlecell creatures.They would have last till the february.Then there may be some aquatic life till the end of february.Then the amphibians would have created till the end of february and will continue on its own form may be till april.And so on april leads to some terrestrials.And likewise till lots and lots of amphibians would have got their evolution upon earth till december.Let's consider the dinosaurs came on 25th december and homosapiens arrived on 31st december 11.45pm.Wel now its inferred that we people have only completed 15 minutes upon earth.And what we have done.The normal people have got success in maintaining their daily life.Some got distracted out of it.World is predicting its 3rd world war with lots of nuclear weapons ready to be launched.The virtual life is at its verge.People very rarely aware of their sorrounding.Creativity is just screwed.And some revolution in some natural resources. Certainly a loud outcry came out of the room inside.She returned.So she saw 2 lil kids were ighting for a cadbury choc. what they lost while fighting.So she offered them to go with her cause some of her relative is a cadbury products factory owner.So both of the kids kept quiet and after sometimes they agreed even.Now 3 of them returned to the so-called home-sweet-home while two were expecting a dream cadburry heap..And the third one is out of her conquest of aim.

Narco analysis test

"Over the hillock i wish the rain to heavily fall as the harvest problem may arise." ..Thinking this vindisa returned to her nether region..In other words she was hauling to be a part of the harvest.But neither she nor her shadow even could touch the entire square board.Over and over she was caught in 22 by the natives of the village.
On that afternoon people called of a certain massive protestation with kyndh's leadership against mindisa for she was trying to put some scientific implementation upon the agriculture. But this was not a supportive reason for this people's great forging ahead and her summersault.Wish she could have done the narcoanalysis test upon him to know the reason of this mayhem...but sometimes situation prohibits an interferrence.