Friday, January 27, 2012

Definitely not a time

It's just super anachronistic.Like all around us.I remember,when it was 2011 summer,the temperature was at peak in Hyderabad.For crying out loud,i was waiting for rain.It's like every evening put on Creed's Rain and pray for rain.And when it rained disastrously at home in '11,i started praying for winter to come.I followed up with 'The Secret'.If you really want something to happen,despite the odd situation,believe that it's gonna happen and act as per that.So I started on with sweatshirts since that time,praying for rain to go away.Now as the winter's here,I ain't going for winter stuff,I am going for chilled water swimming.And now at 2.51 am,wishing it to rain heavily.
I didn't fall for Charlie St.Cloud.Would rate it around 4.5/10.But amazing 'Mud game' Song.

PS: It's 3 days old post,i could not publish then.So doing now.

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