Thursday, November 29, 2012

People and a lot of People..!

Just a round. Couple of things. Couple of People.With couple of lives happening around. It's 10.10 am.Plugged in to " Dil me jaagi dhadkan jaise ". Let this post be about as opaque as everything here.

Note #1
Place: Karjat
Time: 3.20am

It was not dusky to be true.But it was dark but not gloomy.I was all alone clinging to my goals of catching the CST.Saw a shoeless, shawl less man shivering on the ground  with a dog sleeping on him.Do you tend to offer the entangled shawl of yours to that man!! How would you have thought the world could get on to the way of humanity.

Note #2
Place: (Prakash Taran Pushkar)Bhopal
Time: 4.30pm-ish

There were 8 lanes of course.What did I see ? The 5th lane guy was having one leg.For heaven's sake, that moment I felt I seriously need to change my glasses. I am myopic and some days ago, somebody said I need a replacement for my pair of old specs. But this was not serious then. He was getting all pumped up with one leg and dived for butterfly kick.Yes. People do jump to water for that tremendous style with one leg too. My bad, I could not click him. But he is somewhere there in my brain and heart since that time. While you say this is a demented world, I look out for the word dement does really exist!!

Note #3
Place: Nectar Lab
Time: I am not so sure

42nd attempt of the day of a lady.In the preparation of Doxycycline. That had been series of failures since last  couple of 5 hours, But the adherence in achieving the wanted ain't been broken.She toiled hard. And she amazes me.

Its always been a mitzvah hovering around in every little things happenings and not settling for crumbs and trying on to something that you really want has never been easy.And those people who still are happy with all those catrilion moments are the reasons to jump up and up.

It's alright not to get the PhD in the varities and being happy just losening up with all smorgasbord :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

While You Were Sleeping

So this is about crazy coaches.Somedays before.It was winter and I was home and club swimming again at around 6.30am-ish.All the 18 and aboves were about to swim in a meet.That day the coach there...Let me describe how did he look and how did he react to me. I went up with my gym bag in one hand and asking,
"Coach,Could you train me up for the couple of weeks ahead. I kinda need to gear up for next meet."
He: Yes.We can get started any moment you wish.Our tariffs are all here in the board start point.Don't forget to check out.
Guys,I am going to make that secret,as it's a very known pool around here and any of you may spy on me for that matter.

Warm Up: 80 free, 80 kick, 80 pull.
Main Set: 10x10 free, 5x20 IM, 16x50 stroke.
Warm Down: Easy 30 free.
I mean I am not that a learner but not that a pro,for heaven's sake.
And it happened to be nightmare when I tried stopping in mid cause my teeth suddenly started aching and  one ligament in right leg got so stretched that I could find a weird gap between my two toes.
And then his screaming and whistle.
The whole day I was remorsed and limping around office,like in total uncordinated mood. Any of you might have marked that,My bad,I should not have made that
a scene.
I almost did not feel my feet and hands for some days after that and I ate like a mini whale.
My coach is crazy and I am funny.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bush Tucker Man

Clinging on to whatever coming on the way.Been couple of days I forgot blogger site still works. People still amaze me. The same hackneyed happenings and new regular addiction in the evening: chicken chettinad roll.Andrew Zimmern,Jeff Corwin &  Bush Tucker Man.Bush Tucker Man was a great tv series that aired long back,talked about various bush tucker available.I think they should totally bring it back.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You Think...

You think breaking a leg is easy... No. I am not about to gloat about my years old breaking-leg's ligament-saga.It's real break a leg saga. Since the time I came back from Nationals swimming, I have been thinking,like a lot. How do they do?I hop in to office cab, I plug in.It's steven curtis chapman's dive till the way I make it to office.I eat and I dream of being in water..And when I am getting free time I don't just forget to bing memes.Diwali is next week.Still have not have a chance to recall those old days fighting with her and complaining at papa that she took my extra two crackers. You never know. I may repeat this time too. We are travelling home. Four of us under one roof and talking about what-nots and ma's cup of chai. And gardens basil leaves smell in the evening while she waters, may be. The very thought of home is so satisfying. I'm now hitting a wall and need a coffee despite the thought that over-dosage of coffee may fetch me my own gravitational pull.

It's a decadent, need-to-be-nowhere in morning. Life is good...!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Lately It's been an ensemble of gourmandiser's era. I tend to eat every single stuff around me. Oh No. Pardon. I meant every single eatables.Like say, 11000 cal, a day. Not exactly counting but I do. Seriously,People give that weird look where I eat & drink hideously at the corner of the cafeteria. I just binged it.Do creatures like us show activities of sudden hunger. Prader-Willi Syndrome or Binge Eating disorder it might be. No kidding, it sounds a bunch of ominous activity.It's just getting that gross that friends around me have started prying on my platter of dinner or lunch in disgust look.I know, a perfect blogpost should not be about gloating around, but spare me again. Or talking of my swimmers group or those big stars  it's well and good if you over-eat. But entire day staring at the computer screen and you eat trillion dozens of oats biscuits with another dozens of dark chocolates, when do you easily get to get over with.Anyway, sooner or later with the hope that it would go away, I Lochte-rally(read it as literally) need to stop this or may I say when People tell me What I am eating is fattening and gross, my reaction is,
'cause I will swim it off in like a day or two.
Till then I am off to munching & gobbling.