Saturday, December 27, 2008


I renounce to the dew drops…The shivering leaves…The futuristic long path…I renounce to the cult in the fogs to keep me away of the sunrays…I renounce to the seclude cannabis…the algae covered rock behind the wall…I renounce to the pithy the lassitude in me…I renounce to the music from the east era…I renounce to the barking petrified dog on the roadside…to the poor sods standing on the other side of the road…I renounce to the doodling on the wall during that time…to the stupefied brand clones…I renounce to the needless overhaul of the relationship…I renounce to the bickering of the IT sectors over SEZs...I renounce to the animal kingdom…I renounce to the ephemerality in the national frenzy…I renounce to the absence of utopia… I renounce to the cynicism in statements…to the moronic sobbing in the corner…I renounce to the hype of the hitch…the crumbs in MNCs…I renounce to the soubrette at my friend’s home who lost her bro in the massacre…to the overbooked gonna be dignitaries…
I renounce to the zeitgeist hidden in the village…And so on ….
Surprisingly the modus operandi of my renunciation will continue until and unless I unleash the inner me…!!! I am waiting for the day when I will renounce to me…Only on that day i will get the idea of risque` in the air to the nation...I reckon it is not a tough task though unlike the will-o`-the-wisp of some group workin collusively and in the end aiming the so-built big towers...heck!! Why the burj tower is apart...huh!!! Awaiting for my renunciation to me...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


All the pages ov the class copy are slovenly managed.A perfect reflection of characteristics..The most wonderful place ..Innovision.cataclysm,entertainment package(games,songs,sketches,comments to the things sorrounding me,MOI's dictionary,short stories,instant msgs,teachers/sum frnds biodata,my own independent schedule,current affairs,soliloquies,desi junta jargon,graffitties,present economical condition,some scraps,some hardcore status,sum bloody hectic applications,some ballistic remarks upon nething,in the end some gloomy attempted half-solved equation ov my semesters)....dis is wot my class copy is..wel this article is the testament of my PSEUDO BPUT STUDENTSHIP!!!!!!


Ohhh..yeah..yesterday i got grand viva..wot i answered i dont know..but teachers appreciated me..appreciation was in such a grandiose manner, in the end i gotta confess as this article..when things are presented in a mystrical way it seems more attractive.The direct way it leads to the solution if is bent with some angle every folk accept it quickly..split it into different parts as so each derivative get its birth letter and then mix it with different sorta spices..but anyways the wavelengths should be proportional to each other..And when in the viva presentation is goin on it should include the unneccessary ingredeints so that in the end mental satisfaction each step we've to include the fundamental factors..what i ve realised if all dose maintain dere values one should be ashamed ov such vivas..wel now m relaxed cause of the confession....

Monday, December 15, 2008


I walked along a 20yrs long pool side era n dere i saw fish family...da older ones r inactive n da younger ones r very active....da crabs waiting 4 dere aim...da older fish waitin for the gills 2 work out properly..da prawns r nt visible exactly!!! i got 2 see snakes crwling inside dat in search ov frogs..others r making a frogmarch ov da larger one...da aim:only 2 b satisfied..

cann't u guess onething that is the existence ov da head is spinning along with the cycle..

sumtyms ago sumbody called me up and said to go through the exam schedule..n now i m watching da gazumped aquatic family ...

the algae ..the bacteria..the fungi..n all the aquatic elements got their modifications by staying together....but the reality is sumthing different!!!!!

whoa!!! in the end i got the reply ..

the older snakes n da fish family r so fishy!!! only cause dey stay together...

now being a humanbeing i ve thought to be alone....

soo i m continuing still 2 walk alone n only alone.....2 b "I"!!!!!

unneccessary ingredients....

each tym peple search a reason ov each n every things around dem...
cannt sumthin' ov no reasons...reminscin' culd b a part ov ours lyf until n unless da subject is nt defined...may b da word is enuf 2 describe da reason..v got a dictionary ,,n accordingly v shape it out ..such hectic everything has defining each n every perspect...v get a gud cgpa..define it ..v get a gud perception ...define it ...v get a war over borders ..define it ..using spicy words n comments..v get a new president ..define it ..
v get a gud frnd define it ...why n how n whether it shuld b or nt!!such skeptical basis..
wel i ll nt ask why now...coz its all lyk v need 2 types ov is buttered curry n other is raw flesh...nethin existin in between dese dun hve definitions!!!!!....
dats wot da normal scenario ...huh!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

28th september,2008,6.23pm-6.24pm

what if earth will not be oblate spheroid(being a rectangle)..den 2.5 days will be added when a man crosses the international data line from north to south..rather than a single day..then 28th september,2008,6.23pm to 6.24pm will be shifted to unknown time period not as usual math calculation..coz as the atmospherical changes,,then accordingly the mind perception will change..what i aspire in my 3rd world always..then even the concept of holocaust will get its new definition as per the altitude and latitude will differ.glacier recession will surely be in different direction..unlike brahmaputra bend and most interestingly the indo-bangladesh relation..twin paradox will not ever work even the newton's 1st law..and most probably my life..'cause of more effective newton's 3rd law..i could have the response of my sms..rather than stopping it..escape velocity would be more and so as life would never be out of the earth...uhmm...and so on the dream goes...dont know when i will get its not rectangle its oblate spheroid...3rd world has become a part of my life..helpless..why in this spheroid earth electromagnetic waves are less efficient?? if it would not be mind vibes can easily be captured by the counterpart..i am helpless..always a question is revolving around my head why the earth is not rectangular??? kepler's law go to hell..we dont need you..just spare us out..and may be the virtual world is good!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Whats dere?? sumtyms very spunky..sumtyms grounded!! hey listen,,dat was a saturday morning..i bunked the classes..n was roamin over NH42...uhm was feeling like dead..the 2 days b4 i was dosed off..changing the inclination i tried to define mah lyf in a simple manner.but all was in vain. suddenly a lil sweet gal came out of the street besides the NH42 with a giggling sound,,wel see how lively!! i gave a smile unnoticedly..n walked away a bit farther frm her..mah frnd den joined me..v were supposedly goin 2 da near by road 2 gve a halt to ours bloody hectic routine lyf..again frm another street an old man came wid a reasonless smilin face.dat was unscrupulous..i started analysin him,,but da last thing wot i perceived is a blank..
hmm....walked away again...a man was bikin'...n wot v guessed,he was drunk..n dat happened even..he dashed into a tree..n v gals were njoyin da sceen ..gave a baseless smile..haaa!!! wot was goin on i was nt aware of..even mah frnd!! bt still was very relaxed coz v people were busy in irrevalant thing..sumtyms in lyf sum silly things gave us great pleasure.. wel lemme offer a riddle where u people includin' me will feel comfortable...
"Is dere ne reason 4 da happenings sorroundin u n includin u even?? if 'YES' wots da reason??"
uhmm..wel sum ov u can start wid different reasons wid da most inclusion ov fundamental pathway...wel mah uncoiled brain is always in the habit ov stickin 2 one thing..if the above mentioned "fundamental factor" is deleted one can get the reason is only the reaosn 4 existence..dats wot v gve a shape whether its "RIGHT" or "WRONG".....n keepin in mind v choose a pillar dat present ourselves..n so on the reason..c'mon ..lets recover 4m this..n gve a deep visualisation..above the universe..stare all dose sorroundin'.wid dose activities...n the comprehensive structure of those...all those happened n all dese r gonna happen r just 4 no reason....if sumbody says even 4 da survival/continual ov da world it makes no sense..coz happenings r independent ov each n every hazardous or enrichin' just happened ,,happens n will ever b!!!!!all dat wot v hve 2 do is 2 watch it, feel it n imerge in it 2 feel ourselve alive n sumtyms if u can dead......
soo lets attend da classes...n both ov us changed da path 2wards hostel road 2 make us prepare 4 so-called borin OS,EE,VLSI n den a bunked class held in da insti canteen wid da frndzz n most desired tea party....GOSH!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


play it !!!
play it again!!!
get a dream
get the life.
aspire one.
get that again
play it again!!

play it!!
on the road.
u the buff.
schmooze a bit.
laugh a lot.
b a spunky
play it again!!

play it!!
outta da cobwebs.
outta da overbooked.
reminsce da dream.
b intrigued.
b besotted
play it again!!

play it!!
let it b sturdy.
let it b funky.
hey u marauder
make da hype.
get a whine
play it again!!
loose it again!!
get it again!!
but whatever,
play it again!!


oh' C'mon ...nobody really controlls anything.Confronting infront of you blog-watchers..Wel those are my friends,my neighbours,my relatives, my classmates,my roommates,my benchmates n all in all..sometimes its bcum too tough to recognise the illusion in the bunch of images.we share the secrets saying each time these are the biggest secrets.we b'lieve v all are punks at the same tym each having innovation.pretending ..pretending...n only pretending...stopping as if all of the rest are the backward schizophrenics.again more of these pretending.but what in all we'll get the reality ..wake up in a new morning, each day with the new jobs with new consequences.rush into the theories ,into the labs n other accesories.pretending is wot life has bcum. and in the end it's bcum true.and better or for worse , all of that, that is not me is me,too.