Monday, January 23, 2012


Well,I got the blues today.Not like those everyday-someday-anyday sob story,but those deep ones.Not sob ones.But to forget you've been doing and think of what you've been doing ones.Call it 30th/31st of the month.You got your salary credited.What is the very first thought that comes to a girl of my age to do with that money!Yes,things.What kind of things? Things that can lure other's eyes and pick one's single persona from a corner and highlight it.So,by that you make yourself involved in pursuing new accessorized life.And of course it sells and sells till infinite times.You get it and keep on getting it.Some fancy it and some become your counterparts.Is that all? Like,i just feel i am deviating from the flow here.No i guess it's not.It's not a confession-of-a-shopaholic-situation.But just a deep thought of pursuits of the life given to me.I am bored.Tired of all shiny materials i used to live on.It'd rather be like i choose to be anywhere,unnoticed or noticed,but Happy.I believe i have cut out my shopping bills by some good amounts.Being content is not that easy.Do you ever think of how generation by generation it's spreading up.Our parents are still much more happier with the fundamental stuffs.But fundamentals change from time to time.So as their own stands.

"Be ye happy, if ye may,
In the years that pass away.
Ye shall pass and be forgot,
And your place shall know you not.

Other generations rise,
With the same hope in their eyes
That in yours is kindled now,
And the same light on their brow.

They shall see the selfsame sun
That your eyes now gaze upon,
They shall breathe the same sweet air,
And shall reck not who ye were.

Yet they too shall fade at last
In the twilight of the past,
They and you alike shall be
Lost from the world's memory.

Then, while yet ye breathe and live,
Drink the cup that life can give.
Be ye happy, if ye may,
In the years that pass away,

Ere the golden bowl be broken,
Ere ye pass and leave no token,
Ere the silver cord be loosed,
Ere ye turn again to dust.

`And shall this be all,' ye cry,
`But to eat and drink and die?
If no more than this there be,
Vanity of vanity!'

Yea, all things are vanity,
And what else but vain are ye?
Ye who boast yourselves the kings
Over all created things.

Kings! whence came your right to reign?
Ye shall be dethroned again.
Yet for this, your one brief hour,
Wield your mockery of power.

Dupes of Fate, that treads you down
Wear awhile your tinsel crown
Be ye happy, if ye may,
In the years that pass away."
~Robert Fuller Murray In The Vanity Of Human Wishes

You can't just help yourself by not falling for it.As we know,there are no grades of vanity,there are only grades of ability in concealing it.Remember that Al Pacino's line "Vanity is definitely my favourite sin".

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