Thursday, January 5, 2012

" Are You Watching Closely? "

The Pledge: The sorrounding shown to us seems too normal,there is always achievable among the non achievable..We took it as normal.As we see,There is always a clue behind simple unaltered stuffs to be defined newly.

The Turn: Some special person comes up and makes it different.the view changes suddenly.In a way we can tell the normal path deviates and they make it different and special.We till the time has not yet recognized.Instead of searching for a clue for that,we make ourselves amazed.We are still blind-folded.

The Prestige: They suddenly come back as new definition.It's magic,the pledge shows ordinary,the ordinary gets into extraordinary.They saw the extraordinary.Hardest part.Spectators are amazed now.They started adoring the magic.Here is what happens the prestige.

While decoding the above 3 ways to our normal life phenomenon,It seems like every moment is a magic.At the most shortest duration we define ourselves as a great magician.It's just the choice that we make,to be prestigious and able to amaze the people around,just by the feel.

" We stood
Steady as the stars in the woods
So happy-hearted
And the warmth rang true inside these bones
As the old pine fell we sang
Just to bless the morning "

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