Friday, September 23, 2011

Tolstoy’s Fabled Beggar

Dear friends and loved ones: My birthday's coming up soon. If I were home, I'd be planning a stupid, expensive birthday party and you'd all be buying me gifts and bottles of wine. A cheaper, more lovely way to celebrate would be to make a donation to help a healer named Wayan Nuriyasih buy a house in Indonesia. She's a single mother. ln Bali, after a divorce, a woman gets nothing, not even her children. To gain custody of her daughter, Tutti, Wayan had to sell everything, even her bath mat, to pay for a lawyer. For years, they've moved from place to place. Each time, Wayan loses clientele and Tutti has to change schools. This little group of people in Bali have become my family. And we must take care of our families, wherever we find them. Today l saw Tutti playing with a blue tile she'd found in the road near a hotel construction site. She told me: Maybe if we have a house someday, it can have a pretty blue floor like this. When I was in Italy, I learned a word - It's "tutti" with double T, which in ltalian means "everybody." So that's the lesson, isn't it? When you set out in the world to help yourself, sometimes you end up helping Tutti. Courtesy: Eat Pray Love

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yes.You heard it right.The same shitty story again to scribble about.Kathleen Turner Overdrive.We're Fictional.So what?Reality is fictional.I mean Yes.Let me tell it.We all are dreaming of thousand things a day.We all try to learn '12 important stuffs humans should do,to be smarter'.We all work hard for what,God knows.And sometimes we shrug off something too.But ultimate is what? Dont you feel it's detached of all.Tandem,Do you find 'em in tandem.I simply don't.Like I own piles book.Read,Unread & Not to be read.I remember i jumped out of 10H once,to buy "The Black Swan".Believe it or not,though it's not Ripley's,I skimmed that 'once of thousand times of thoughts to read'.What is it,A schmuck!Likewise,I download 'Million Dollar Baby' around 2 years ago and delete it.Download & Delete.Continuum.But watched at max 15 minutes of it,where as i revise 'Erin Brockovich' & 'Twister'(Yes,The 1996 movie) some 786 times.Point!!Wonderland.It's no wonder we're all such a mess,is it? We're like Tom Hanks in Big. Little boys and girls trapped in adult bodies and forced to get on with it.On a full on,Garfield's day,I start of doing something and end of thinking 2000 other way of doing something else which lies at tangent to the start.Then i think my books need spiral binding.Cause they are all tired among my procrastinated activities.What is the thing in the world that can obtain the full attention.Define concentration.I think,i will wake up tomorrow morning,will tune to 'Nirvana's Man who sold the world' & its just happens like i forgot where i kept my guitar and ofcourse how to play.You guys might be knowing,Time is not a time,ain't exist.Ye,Time Does not Exist(Courtesy :I.Q. movie quote).Time has a particular tendency to be anachronistic.We all are Time.So we're anachronistic too.Remember the word:W-O-N-D-E-R-L-A-N-D ! :)