Friday, November 19, 2010


This time it is my office..I was damn excited being a part of the project and learning peoplesoft.Suddenly,may be gradually i am loosing the interest.
It's just a matter of cubicle named as WST-130 and a system.I do believe i am a slow learner,but it is really really tough for me to catch up people going off at a tangent.The queries can't be learnt so quickly and it's too vast.Everyday it's a story of another Iwo Jima.People do act so well.The diplomatic mails.Too daunting a task it is.At a point i have to skip the lunch as it is of zimmern's flavoured bizarre foods with evrything spicy.The next phase is like "Jazz solve that issue,ASAP." And some other fellas bickering "Don't you know this and that".I feel so helpless and the next moment will jump out of that burj tower.Am i mentally challenged,I have to ask this question umpteen times a day(seeing fellas staring at my helpless look).As if something's gnawing away at my tether.Each attempt of mine is treated as a 'no-point task'.The way i approach to the issue,the time i take-- is just DAMN!Don't know if there's any way out.Neither could i find the existence of my brain in beetween the overhaul.It's just grotty.But still as i have to act,show off goes on!The jaunty way is of no way.I literally crave for furore.I just stand up to see the people,how they doing.I put my music player on times to times just catch the rhythm of creed "hey god i m just a dot in the world,have you forgot about me?!..."..children don't stop can fly high ..awayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!