Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zimabu Etar

Remember,You have already seen The first Kind & Second kind.May be in Paul and some other.The third kind,i have no idea how they do there.Steven Spielberg had his chance.Here is to The fourth kind.A lot happening there since 2000.But officially the abduction cases are hidden by causes.Well,this is what the movie says.Even the Wikipedia talks about this.Please check on the embedded link.Milla Jovovich is as usual a perfect thriller lady.Some of movie scenes may be lame,but of course i enjoy watching her every time.Then i guess what happened in Paul was the first kind Alien,which(moreover 'who' as it was human-friendly) was real funny.Have not had the idea of experiencing a fourth kind in movie.Sumerians were the first society who depicted of Alien sculptures and so they have used Sumerian aliens here.Talk about Area 51 or Nome,Alaska or any evident in the below video,You certainly tend to at least think about them.Here is a piece that talks the total history of Alien experience.

And i can not just end the post here without adding the fourth kind trailer.

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