Monday, January 30, 2012

Hyderabad Auto-Sob-Story

Time:12.20 pm
Place:Paigah colony entrance,Anand theatre road

I was waiting for an auto.Had some things to get done with at Ameerpet.
1st auto:
Ameerpet.Lal Bunglow.
Kahan pe hai woh.
Just Lifestyle se right lete hi,aage hai.
70 RS do.
Kya!meter se chalo toh 40 bhi nahi hota hai.
Nahi.Nahi hoga.

2nd auto:

Bhaiya,Ameerpet chalte kya?
Nahi amma.

Another 5 minutes..
3rd auto:
Bhaiya.Meter se chalo?Ameerpet?
Ameerpet me kahan?
Woh first right turn ke baad,Dr Reddy Hai na!Uske just opposite me rakh dena.
Bole toh kitna duur hai turn se.
Ahem.Aap chalo,me batati hu.Jyada duur nahi hai bhaiya.
(Wondering for a while)..Nahi amma.Nahi hoga.

Another 2 minutes,,
4th auto:
Kahan jana hai.
Bhaiya Ameerpet.
(Stared me.)
Starting pe hi bhaiya.
Nai me straight paradise ja raha hu.
Achha.Koi nahi.

2-3 minutes more.
5th auto:
One auto came up.
(Raised his brows asking me the place.)
(Not a single sign of emotion on his face.Geared up.)

6th auto of the day.
Ameerpet.Lal Bunglow.
80 rs do.
Kya bhaiya,Kuchh bhi.
Amma utnaich toh hota hai.Aap kahin pe bhi puchhlo.
Bhaiya Meter se jaana hai toh chalo,nahi toh nahi.
(A compromising face)Chalo baitho.
I hopped in.

It was almost 30 minutes past the time i waited there.Anyway,right then,all set to the destination.The guy was in total rash.I was seeing him from the back.At paradise U turn,started checking my bag,if i do have the documents ready or not.He took a sudden overtake.I had no idea what he was up to.That was this just ahead of Shopper's Stop.2 Guys crossing the road,I could see them.Just in a jiffy,something's happened at the left end of auto.It was as if somebody dashed in heavily.I was awestrucked.The guy's speed mode is still on.My voices retorted after my thought period is over.

Kya hua udhaar bhaiya?(Point-blank mode)
There was no reply.
Bhaiya,Aap ko me tab se bol rahi hu,speed kamao.Pagal ho aap.Chal kya raha hai idhaar.
With a remorse in his voice,,Ab dekhke kahan road cross karte hai,log aaj kal.
Kya.Uski galti thhi!!Aap ko pata hai,aap kitni speed me ho!
Ye lo.aa gaya aapka.
There was a small outlet,who sells jalebi and all.I was just nearby that.I was late.
Just paid him.It was 38.82.I gave him 40 bucks and ran into the building.

Well,it's the second accident where i had a misfortune to be a non-alibi.The first one was  on 12Th September,2010,When I & my roomie had the same terrible accident at Anand Theatre opposite.She broke her shoulder and i got a ligament tear & some stitches for both of us.It was lucky time for us.In between i have been updated with umpteen auto accident news,happening to my office colleagues.I just don't get the traffic system here anymore.Specifically,Autos.I could have marked that vehicle number.But like other busy people,i kept on running to my stuffs.Or may be i was thinking about that guy a lot,that i just lost my conscience.It's a breakdown.I hope the guy is fine.May be he is going to recover of those severe/minor bruises,in a couple of days.But does that mean the auto-traffic here'd be better!God save people,out of the traffic here.


  1. same plight different city..dittoo!!!!

  2. I Can write 2-3 books on this Auto Story for both Hyderabad and Bangalore... :-)In bangalore for the same distance they will start from 150 Rs Sometimes i asked many auto drivers why they are having this meters Instead they should have some standard Price As per the locations

  3. Yes.Ankit.Disgusting.I dont get why they don't take actions here since a long time.

  4. Ye,Swagat Sir.It's more pathetic that they don't have a footbridge in between bowl o'china and ahead of shoppersstop.Leads to more accidents.