Saturday, January 21, 2012

Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta

Okay.Let me talk about this stuff,this time.How many of you really feel inspired to go to office and work on some uninspired piece of job,everyday?At least i know,i am not inspired.The past couple of days were like 'Office Space' and i bet all of us have already been to the below listed incidents.
1.You always land up on the way to office which has more traffic than the ones you didn't opt for.Now you're already late unwantedly though.
2.People around you in office talks about how you got a case of Mondays.
3.For one wrong issue you get a call from thousand people.Well,may be TPS reports.
4.You go to printer room,Couple of blocks away and found that the paper is as always stuck in that printer.It ain't work the time you need.
5.The Birthday celebration!People even sometimes miss to know whose birthday it is.And the piece of cake,oh yeah,if you are a girl,you're supposed to cut it and pass it on till the time it completes a round.
6.There is always a Miss Nina sitting near by you and attending calls :) Funniest part.
7.You have your yearly appraisal review done by a team where you blabber a lot to show that actually you've been working.Else you always can speak your mind out.
8.If you've name issues like me,You are in deep shit of troubles.Be it Michael Bolton(You can call me Mike) or Something-else :)

In the end,you realise you ain't gangsta dawg,You just have a dog.He's a Labrador.


  1. Miss nina was truly funny and hilarious!! nice write up

  2. Thanks Ankit :) Ye she was.And Milton's repeating "I can set the building on fire" was even on a par with Nina.