Sunday, January 29, 2012

Halving the compass

*The other guy *Me
(That was about what people eat in Korea)
What do they exactly eat in Korea?
I heard somewhere they eat a lot of vegetables and all.They do prefer rice though.And my school friend was saying,they do eat Dog.Like we do get happy with KFC chicken,pork and turkey,they gather around and dance when they have Dog parties.Haha.
That's just disgusting.Are you kiddin' again?
No I am not.They have lot of the dog soup.Probably they breed dogs for this.Too Yum.
Oh Gross.You're not gonna have those at all cost,are you?
Well,you seem to be kidding now.I am totally done with all vaccinations.And i am gonna eat all.
You! You just possibly can't eat dog.
And that's because of..! We eat pork,turkey,chicken here.Besides beef and dogs are quite familiar.
Pork and dogs are never similar.
Totally,they are.Both of them have four legs.And skin's almost same.And hair..? Do dogs have those much hair like porks have?
Close though. Well. Maybe it's little fur..? But dogs are pets!
So are Porks,for some tribal people.Haha.Don't you know I have a pet Pork?
What? You do have a pet Pork?
Yup. He plays in my backyard. My uncle takes care of him now. Sometimes he sneaks in bed with me. It's kinda annoying.
Hahahah. Ok.Man this is ridiculous.
Haha ok yeah, I lied. I don't have a pet pork. I eat porks. And soon I will eat dogs. And maybe even small children.
You are pathetic.

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