Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kopi Luwak Time To Laugh About

It's difficult to understand the sum of a person's life.Some people will tell you it's measured by the ones left behind.Some believe it can be measured in faith.Some say by love.Other folks say life has no meaning at all. Me? I believe that you measure the people who measured themselves by you.

Everyday,i download a pathetic-rated movie to kill my time anyway,but today it was different.Different,not by just to get the content of this post,but by made me make some pages of my daily-planner worth a look.Oh yes,I am thinking again.A lot,indeed.Like where am i gonna land up with whom.How am i going to be with all. Never mind.It won't long last.It'd be just all gone just like that.When the morgue comes up as a place,man decided what's got left to be done.Till then we just kill the time like i do.I mean if you aint a philistine you are supposed to follow up with the answers of this.What is a Lingonberry?Who is Chuck Berry?What is the Mariana Trench?What are quarks?What is the quadratic equation?Who is Howdy Doody?Who are Bert and Ernie?Who is Spiro Agnew?Who is Charlie McCarthy?

But i would rather like to dissect the whole purpose.As the time passes and i believe i have lived 24 years of my life,and all i can sum up about it is,it's our eyes that define and our mind that sees.So no hard-stuff around.I am not proud of the things i did,but i am pretty sure i will do it again.The five stages before death are Denial.Anger.Bargaining.Depression.Acceptance.So i declare,I will have to cross this phase, in fact all of us.But no matter how i am going to be dead,i will have to keep my eyes closed and heart open.This part of the movie was really the one of depths.I believe this scene can make any people realize of what they are doing and of their consent.Here.

Morgan freeman has something in his voice.He opens up and he speaks of volumes.I guess Hugh Jackman's inherited that voice too.The letter of thanks made me feel what a real thing it is.We for sure,at some times,able to make ourselves livable just cause of somebody in the world.You may think you are just everyone.But you ain't.Cause everyone is everyone.

I am gonna have to write down my kinda bucket list.Till the time lets laugh until we cry.

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