Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mazel Tov

Judge Judy,Curious George,all arrived.An entire year is going to be ended.What did you people do?What did i do?The rendition of thoughts and actions,were those all lived?
January:Ran to office,worked little,learnt things and forgot.
February:Sadness(Pathetic Rating),My Di's got a good job,Happy family,Kinda ruined my job,as lost interest.
March:I was a looser.No deadlines,no work pressure,Did not miss a single get together.Still felt like a big looser.
April:The best month of the year.Bench worked,Outlined future plans.
May,June:Had same stuffs repeated.
July:Started a student life.Classes and friends and teachers.Competitions and overnight study.Awesome days.
August:Mostly the total month at home.Heavenly feel when you wake up at home everyday.
September:Exams.Success and failure.Shared evenly.
October:A month of bad dreams.All full of questionnaires.
November:Scattered mind.
December:I believe i am the most happy person for the time being.

Failed attempts followed by utter happiness of successes,Good people and missed People.So what counts is,were we in this time!For me,I felt the year and the song of the year was 'chances' of five for fighting and Adele's 'Someone like you'.So it's the time to welcome a new time and some new ups and downs,with a belief that everything's just gonna be fine.Happy New Year :)

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