Monday, April 30, 2012

Simple/Weird Diet

I have been chomping less and drinking more these days.Though I guess every diet of mine should contain Caffeine in it.They work like the drugs for swimming.I am literally so up to it,that solid food intake for me has become a rare thing these days.Below is how my days go.
1.Morning snacks.
Add another cup of coffee here.I don't end up with one.Sue me.
2.I skip lunch.Been lying my Mom that I have been preparing both lunch and dinner.The fact is,I do prepare only dinner.Just cause morning schedule ain't permit any time to eat before going office.And once you reach office,believe me you don't want to waste time in the cafeteria having lunch.Issues.I would rather save that time for extended swimming.
So in short,this is how it looks like my lunch or pre-swimming-energisers.
2-3 Bottled water.One that-mahindra-satyam-cup-full-coffee.And one Red Bull.I have it like 3 days a week.
3.And the dinner saga is big.Our full-fledged Home made dinner.And guess what that's even at the Workstation.Cafeteria at night is gloomy with barely people in there.So again work-station-dinner.
PS: That's for two people.
I know.I know.This seems weird,right.The diet we've been maintaining is horrendous.But It's ok.I cover it up with Weekend and holidays diet.And special about today is,it's a holiday.So my diet goes like one pizza and chicken,eggs,mangoes,rice and all.
The day started like this.
  Lunch's on the way.Seems like I can't stop eating today.Ciao people.Hope you follow a healthy diet,unlike me.

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