Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's just more than what it is

I have been thinking on the inexplicable, inexpressibly vast beauty of life lately.As always it's been said,Wait Up,Once you get done with it,you are going to have a real life.Why is that making me re-think.No matter how least or more happening it is,it surely is praise-worthy.If at all you score something as mundane,be it.It's being IT actually.And there lies the beauty in being ITSELF.Its not just people that are this beautiful though. Its EVERYTHING. There are millions upon millions of tiny intricacies or details in even the ugliest things that make them profoundly beautiful.That makes me just smile.I'm thinking that life is one of the most mysterious, impossible, unbearable things in the whole universe. And that I wouldn't trade that for anything, because it is just so beautiful
"So much of this world is pretending to be something you're not and there is such a beauty in just being. That's what you have. And I wish I had that." [Be it swan dive or cannonball,dive has it's charm everywhere]
You saw that columns/hymns of Owen Wilson in Marley & Me.I am totally adulating God.

Woke up to a kiss from Marley.
Went for a walk that turned into a run.
Took an airboat ride. 
Wrote a column about the death of the Everglades.
Planted an orange tree in the backyard.
Threw sticks for Marley in the park.
Watched him swim in the bay.
Watched him steal some guy's Frisbee.
Bought a new Frisbee for the guy.
Gave Marley a bath.
Went to work with writers' block.
Hoped for inspiration to strike. 
Got a new shirt.
Got a new keyboard.
Got the same old paycheck.
Went wind surfing with Sebastian.
Met his new girlfriend Sasha.
Met his other new girlfriend Angie.
Watched models posing in the surf.
Wrote a column about the growth of South Beach.
Interviewed Gloria and Emilio Estefan at the Cordozo Hotel.
Introduced them to Jenny,who gushed like a teenager.
Went shopping at the mall.
Bought a Sharper Image pillow.
Slept like a baby.
Caught Marley eating the pillow.
Hid the evidence from Jenny.
Cleaned up Marley's vomit in the kitchen.
Helped Jenny make dinner. Overcooked the spaghetti. 
Got into a food fight.
Proofread Jenny's column.
Read Sebastian's latest opus.
Went running with Marley to burn off frustration.
Didn't see him chew through the leash.
Chased him 15 blocks.
Had to call Jenny for a ride.
Wrote a column about gas prices.
Wrote a column about water prices.
Found one tiny orange on our tree.
Jenny very pleased with herself.
Found my first gray hair. 
Found Jenny's first gray hair. 
Bought Jenny flowers.
Rescued our new mailman from Marley.
Rescued a U.P.S. Guy from Marley.
Invited my parents to visit. 
Took them out to dinner at a cool place on South Beach.
Got into a fight with Dad over the check.
Got into a fight with Dad about money.
Got into a fight with Jenny about all the fighting.
Drove my parents to the airport.
Listened to them complain about not having grandchildren.
Tracked a hurricane heading for south Florida.
Hid in the bathroom during the hurricane.
Sat in the dark for three days.
Wrote a column about looters.
Wrote a column about volunteers.
Wrote a column about the beauty of air conditioning.
Watched Marley dig for buried treasure.
Spent Christmas with Jen's sister and her family in Orlando.
Left Marley at their house to go to Disney World. 
Had to buy 'em new baby furniture.
Saw Jen light up around the little girls.
Got a flat driving home.
Wrote a column about state troopers.
Wrote a column about toll booths.
Went to dinner to celebrate Jenny's raise.
Tied Marley to the table.
Chased Marley and the table.
Caught the table.
Wrote a column about Marley pulling the table.
Tried to write a column about anything but Marley. 
Picked oranges from our tree.
Made orange juice.
Drove down to Miami for Bark in the Park Night at the Marlins game.
Brought Marley, who turned out to be a real baseball fan.
Tried to stop him from chasing a foul ball in the stands.
Tried to stop him from chasing a foul ball on the field.
Wrote a column about the ball game.
Took crap from Sebastian about it.
Met his new girlfriend.
Can't remember her name.
Went snorkeling with them.
Cut my leg on a piece of coral.
Went to the emergency room.
Wrote a column about hospitals.
Went to an Easter egg hunt at Jenny's boss's house in Boca.
Drank mimosas.
Met a doctor who does three liposuctions a day.
Wrote a column about nannies in Boca.
Wrote a column about the women of Boca.
Wrote a column about writing columns.
Came home to find Jenny dancing with Marley.
Tried to think of reasons not to have a baby now.

PS: The best part of the day was,after an amazing swimming when your soundtrack plays,Phil Wickham's Divine romance.Let me tell you the quote "In Your presence God I’m completely satisfied".

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