Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Happens When It's All Hype & No Hoopla

What do you think when you believe a life of talks.When just everything you want to do is just wrapped around some numerous adjectives and beyond you close your eyes,all you can strive is a dream-field.I close my eyes and I see Phelps with that amazing drift butterfly strokes.Before I think of playing my soundtrack I hear the Riversong music.

I am like working too hard on this new stroke and with perfections & serendipity,I get to do the unending laps and beating all records before.And I too can stay almost 2 minutes inside water and when I get up I am in pajamas on my bed beating to another late day to make it to office.Here's the real thing.I did not hit any shots & magic ain't know me.

Making it happen is just 3 words like any other gibberish stuff.And then suddenly out of nowhere you zing all of it seeing the one person who while you are busy in drowning,is having that MOCHACHINO DECAF NON-FAT.Cruelty.

Thanks to the blogging thing,I got going on here.And so I am a liberal now to scribble it out.
I know what I want and what I need.There is more gratitude and appreciation floating around inside the big melon on top of my neck than I can tell you. It is funny to me. Funny because I know that this sounds contradictory to what I have written.

But you need to understand that even though I have oodles of frustration and a bucket of anger it doesn’t mean that I am an unhappy person.If anything I am an impatient happy person.

Impatient because I started working on making changes quite some time ago and they aren’t happening fast enough.Frustrated because some of the crap that I have been contending with is outside of my control and  has nothing to do with me.

But happy because I am working on the things that make me happy.Happy because there is an awful lot of good in my life and because I am really freaking young.I have decades to enjoy the life I am building now.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t have dark moments or that I won’t get frustrated because that won’t change.It just means that I am an ordinary Jazz who is doing her best to enjoy the journey.

Listen to this.The song of the time.

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