Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let me tell you...

Even though you don't want to hear how my day went.Just cause I have to write it & to read you're the one out there.I know.Woke up at 8 am.Studied and did work-from-home-as-an-extra-hour.Issues resolved.Prepared dinner.Rotis & Bottle Gourd fry.
Did you have any feedback of this.

Do let me know.I am over with Redbull.Just cause uber-costly with almost no effect.The tropical trip is good.Office was full of issues.I flunked in mid for swimming.Just cause I am over with fever for almost 2 days and I am wasted.I had no other choice.7 Butter-fly strokes,as in 7*20 meter.Expedite.I ain't content.Evening KT.And the eerie cafeteria dinner with 3 of buddies.And with this super-tired body and mind when I heard this,

I just kept on repeating it for that 1 hour travel.I go through phases with Ben, like with most artists.
Coming out of a drought.

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