Monday, April 2, 2012

Pyromaniac All..

What's up. I just spent my whole day wallowing. Its not productive, its not healthy, but since I'm neither... Its good.So what happened is,I woke up to the Joseph Gordon-Levitt's you make my dreams come true music this morning having no clue that I am the utmost late employee of the office to make it to 12.30 shift.I felt like the biggest buttwipe ever. Like, "Hey, inconvenience yourself so we can go do this, but oh, p.s., just kidding, I'm a jerk." I was all set before hitting the sheets last night that,I'd have to wake up as early to make the day work.And guess what.Epic.It was 11.45 am.At least I made it under AM list.Then you might be thinking though it's late,as people here are usual to be late,I would be one of those usual one.Right.Totally not.I missed the bus.And there goes the story of tampered-metered-autos and changing 4 of them.Why do autos here mess with us all the time.God,I wish I could outcast it till death.The heat,the sunburn,the pathetic-puddle of thoughts of making some wrong-versioned impressions & the monday-closing-of-swimming-pool.All together.Specially 3rd auto and 14 people in there.The temperature outside is 38-40 degree Celsius.There.Out of nowhere your music player starts playing Set fire to the rain.Pyromanic Adele too,if only Rain were things.

PS: I have had migraine the whole day.Mercy.


  1. nice article.... vaise m a late bug addict too!!! and wats these with Hyderabad autos.... most of the article has auto blues??

  2. :)Ankit,I am not yet over with them.Will tell you offline.