Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Monday

Man,Oh man.Things are falling apart.Burdens are increasing.You know that disease of growing fear inside along with growing old.Yes,Gerascophobia.I wiki-ed it.Rigorous office days and silly-banter and loads of expectation from life.They kill.They kill to death.Overate while on to the very mission of a proper diet.Other than all these what's happening in all our life.Let me tell you.

I am getting better day by day in my culinary skills.I am having more than enough time alone to think over my deeds.I am learning new technology & chance to interact with new people around.I am learning how to be a shoulder to the girl near by me.I've overcome the fear of crossing the highway.[Biggest one].New soundtracks teaching me a lot.Every night,after hopping to the bus and when the lights are off,you start playing the new soundtracks and you feel like every other singer/player in the world plays for you.Life's so rhythmic.This evening,I Just took a little break and went out to see the sky.It was blue and covered in flecks of white dots.Googled it.It's called CumulusNimbus.While I returned,It started raining.Woohoo.Have you ever expected life to be this infinite beautiful.I am so in love with all I have.Found this amazing murmuration of starlings video.Every thought of mine tend to thank the power behind everything.Happy-Thank-You-More-Please.


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