Sunday, April 8, 2012

I got your back

Another weekend's gone.Some valuable time's gone.I do think very spectacular stuffs are gone too.Talking of Gone I didn't mean Some-sunny-day-hay-baby-When-everything-seems-okay-baby-Youll-wake-up-and-find-out-youre-alone-Cause-Ill-be-gone-Gone-gone-gone-really-gone-Gone-ga-gone-cause-you-done-me-wrong.

It was a time of de-cluttering and packing.Yes.I am going home.In a week.It's so relaxing thinking of that Ma's going to take leaves and share the whole time with me.I need it badly this time.

So Best part of the past two days are:
1.A friend visited us.Her part of speech about how things when look al-right are the most boring ones.So it's always better to carry loads of problems over our head.
2.Read the black swan again.It's deceptive I believe.Arises a storm in my mind every time I read it.For those who has not read it yet,Check out the complexity of the theory here.
3.The dish I have been dying for,since a long time,I had it today.Karela Fry.You can't possible hate it so much.
4.Some Old mail from old friend episode recap.Don't know where the line ends.
As you can see not much of happening days are here.I just have been busy in binging some stuffs.Just was revising The Blind Side.Loved this part of the video,How positively Moms are the ones behind every achievement.

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