Friday, April 20, 2012


Shine on. Carpe diem does have it's time.It may be the best day of the week.Now that we have tomorrow as a working day,I do expect some bunches of good things to follow up as in beating today.You know the things are going to be just fine and they go like that.Saw Moneyball in Office today.

Let me quote the real thing here.
Billy Beane: Where you from, Pete? 
Peter Brand: Maryland. 
Billy Beane: Where'd you go to school? 
Peter Brand: Yale. I went to Yale. 
Billy Beane: What'd you study? 
Peter Brand: Economics. I studied economics. 
Billy Beane: Yale, economics, and baseball. You're funny, Pete.

Yes it is.Do you really think people are meant to be into one passion in a total life.Just cause they are passionate,does not always mean that it would be everlasting and that's what you stand for in the life.I do keep the beliefs of being into 1000 options a life.The team always change and along with skills & areas of interests change too.So you start analysing two pieces of codes and then end up in lots of new strokes and judging Brad Pitt.Go beat this.Welp.Be it Maryland,Yale,Economics,Baseball,Office,Travelling,Exams music would always save the soul.And here goes that saving-soul piece.Peace out.

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