Monday, April 30, 2012

3 AM Post

Earlier I just posted 3.09 AM.Don't you think there is something super special about this time?I do.It's like the time of life,if you know what feel one should nurture inside then.As per my mindset I always believe,it's the most peaceful time of a night.My recent post does talk about it.Welp.So I woke up at before 3 Am this morning and felt the calmness around.It's divine.Last day I heard to Gregory Alan Isakov's The Stable Song before my Mock tests.It surely made me Stable.His songs are divine.And luckily I found his 3 A.M. song.I played it this morning on the terrace.The utter simple time of spreading over the terrace and looking at the disappearing stars in the sky and Sun's rising from one corner with the redness all around.How does that sound for those who have not have the opportunity of being in the time.Life is so Great and I am so in love with all around.
Listen to this.It's gonna make your day.

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