Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weird Elevator

In the mean time.Left office in the mid-day.Fever saga is still ON.Guess it was all planned.You could not possibly have the same incident happening,what already has been cooking in your mind since a long time.Stuck in our elevator.Do you mind it boggling you at times?It does all the time for me.This particular weird Elevator thing comes to mind all the time.Did I tell you we got a new guest in our flat.Pritha.She is going under pre semester preparation here.Soon will be back to exams.And we two were like lets get some air together.And there it went.I have the tendency of thinking about my life and what-not and some more weird ones when I step into elevators.Some of them are,
1.What if the wire gets disconnected & the speed between 1st & 4th floor lift goes to like unrealistic light speed and so I travel to time-travel-bucket-places-list.Goosebumps.
2.The thoughts of If-I-am-going-to-die-i-am-not-going-to-die-like-this.
3.What if the guy who would step into the lift at G would be some guy known.And then he would greet his grin out.Ew.I hate talking/meeting/bonding with old buddies in elevator.
4.With each floor goes up,my thought goes like,Can't we get people only going to the floors above us,rather than pressing almost all the buttons covered before the ones I tend to go for.That makes it a waste day.It's like travelling in a 10H,but not the metered-auto.
5.Height problem.It eventually happens like,almost all the people who enters to the lift are the taller ones than you.Just for the complexity scenes.It cuts my often redbull consumption and adds boost/bournvita numbers.
6.I wish I could edit all of those who entered with cheeky songs playing loudly in their playlist.Every time I fear of those able to reach me in a way.
Ok.That's it.Till the time I pull my thoughts together,I almost hit the ground or reach the floor.This time it was different.It was different,so I am ranting here.You won't have the slightest idea for 4th or 5th time our elevator stopped working in the mid.In the mid of 4th & 3rd floor.It could have been better at the start.We two could have climbed out.No.It was more than mid.Lost.No screams would wake the aunties up of those tea-time-loud-soaps.So we made it our best.I sort of pulled her up and then she gave her hand.Show is over people.Sigh.
PS: She was all smiles as she achieved a big thing :)

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