Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zombie Man & Others

This post ain't about my love of the zombies.Believe me,I am not yet able to throw those emotions out while I talk about unreal-human-waking-up-from-grave-kind-of-zombie.No doubt they are fascinating.I can watch every million hollywood movies about them.But Zombieland.Dude,NO.Not cause rare appearances of zombies,but cause the zombie,Jesse Eisenberg.I just don't know how I managed to kill my boredom at times with movies like Adventureland,The squid & whale,bla bla.Rest I don't want to know.I mean really.He barely has just one form of speaking.That shrugs and that words emitting like light speed.So limited actor he is.There are some actors in spite of  movies like Social Network,Face off(Talking of which John Travolta comes to mind.Ew),As good as it gets(Jack Nicholson's some pieces bore the brain out of me).You just get to know one of their over-achieving movies and you finish of with some uber sceptic numbers.I mean who watch this Jim Carrey's unrealistic humour.He stretches everything so far I end up in denying it.Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind,guys forgive me for watching this.My soliloquy,there are some stars whose movies are supposed to be avoided(Add Justin Long,Johnny Depp,Joseph Gordon Levitt,Kevin spacey to the list.Special razzie award should go to Ben stiller.Big time.).And there is this flop numbers of some guy who though looks creepy are to be watched are Jason Bateman,Adam Sandler,Steve Carell.Talking of the rest some known ones they are God.
The God list with Features follows here:
1.Hugh Jackman(He is the God.)
2.Keanu Reeves(He is like this un-avoidable actor of all time.)
3.Tom Hanks(Features like funny things he depicts among his simplicity.)
4.Morgan Freeman(Voice speaks.I dream of his voice starting with "I hope..")
5.Christian Bale(Heart beats here)
6.Jake Gyllenhal(Reminds me of my everlasting first inspiring movie.October Sky.)
7.Brad Pitt,Leanardo DiCaprio,Nicolas Cage,Matt Damon(I watch these people on a sunday afternoon relaxing mood.)
8.Gerard Butler(His tilted smile and acting is appealing)
9.Clint Eastwood (Adorable time.)
10.Al Pacino.(You can consider him the answer to everything around your head.He's been the voice in my head at times after Morgan Freeman.)
11.Will Smith.(I request you to come up with as many movies you can come up with before I die)
12.I want to end the list with Tom Cruise,George Clooney,Bruce Willis,John Cusack(His realistic,fundamental tips I notebooked.).They are good.They are real good.

Enough of rating.I need some music on my soundtrack:


  1. and i thought u posted something on zombies today! never the less u have listed out every A listed actors of hollywood in ur fav's..speaking of which i love seeing movies in director genre than actors..
    coen bros
    guy ritchie
    david flincher

    these are my gods of modern director. some more whose movies are still watchable
    quantin tarantino

    u have any such directors in ur list?

  2. Dude,The post is on actors,Not directors/writers.
    If you're that curious let me give my views on your list of directors.
    Coen Bros: I wish I could ban them.Father of darkness.Ew.
    Guy Ritchie: I kinda like his stuff.Lock,stock & sherlock holmes.
    David flincher,Nolan,Spielberg: I adore them at times.
    Quantin Tarantino: I don't watch him at all.He is simply not my genre.Big time with his movies.

    And fyi..I am into A rated ones actor.Casual 5-7 rated movies are my fav ones.Now beat it.

  3. tarantino and nolan....fukin genius...!!!