Friday, March 30, 2012


Time:1:48:56 AM[Ubuntu time]
As mundane as it is.I ain't asleep yet.It's weekend ahead and moreover salary's been credited.I should be dreaming of shopping & lot more things to do.I am paused at the moment of somersault in office pool.Couple of pro friends there has started this and I am a total novice.How do I get in the shoes?I turned total upside down last time I tried doing.This time it's both head over heels and heels over the head.How it was so easy to do in childhood days.I and My Sis were so full of somersault.And now I just could not catch up.Well,I will have to get along soon.My head is so full of water and somersault-ing people.You've got mail is ON.And right now I am so dreamy about my somersault mission ahead.
Remember Harry Nilsson's The Puppy Song.Of course :)
"If only I could have a friend
to stick with me until the end
and walk[swim] along beside the sea 
share a bit of moon[Read it as: somersaulting] with me"

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