Thursday, March 15, 2012

To be 10 again

Now,is the time,when I want to be 10 again.I want to contemplate on absolutely nothing.In fact I don't want to evaluate life.Just the utter fulfillment with almost least accessories.I want to play in the rain.Mud games backyards with my sister and my papa saving the little trees.I want to laugh at the silliest jokes at the dinner with Maa,Papa & My sis.I want to run barefoot though the leafy green grass.

Ah,to be 10 again.To let loose temper for the school annual function.To be friends(but not just the cliques) who gave raincoats to the other.To jump rope,to hand ball,to pluck flowers in the early morning,giggling at the new  guy entered to school.To paddle home to maa's  homemade "Arisha Pitha".
To cartoon & clouds,endless adventure and curiosity.
To my lovely cousins,sisters,brothers.
To King,Queen & Thief game at the backyard.
To the star gazing during summer,sandwiched all,over the terrace.
To tree climbing and bone breaking.
To losing and winning,laughing and crying and to maa who made it all better with a kiss.
To be ten again.

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