Friday, March 2, 2012

Evel Knievel Speed

A total week it was.Been into total routine life.When it hits,it hits you hard,you know that.I lived it & loved it.
The best scenes :
1.My .NET facilitator.God makes these people.A complete Wikipedia and so so generous.
2.WPF,WCF,Silverlight was good.And awesome was working on expression blend.It'd throw you into a new world if you have that designer's mind.
3.Morning Cafeteria talks with buddies.And what-not-datas around.
4.Evening swimming & diving stuffs.They really blew me off.
Tired body,mind.
It's ok that my Spondylitis started.My neck & My veins in leg hurt.But the time ain't a time if you ain't have no hurt.I was there,watching me and my friend in the mirror,and realize how mad we people are.Here are some freaky-ness unplugged.
1.Counting 1 mississippi.. and watching fellas and outside,hitting the swimming pool ground totally and adhering to it,is just make me nuts.I can be inside water all day.
2.I tend to code wrongly,Just to see what's gonna be the output.It's what enchants me a lot.
3.That spooky,lonely road where I & My roomie,have evening coffee with summer wind,I sing out loud this song...

"You stumble down a yellow brick road
Spinning your shoes in the air
The air
Then you, hold your breath and count to nine
Hoping that soon somebody will find you
Find you"

It's Ok :)

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