Sunday, March 11, 2012

Holocaust Survivor's Story

It's a compensating post,people.Have had enough of the chicken( Zing-kong box,Fiery Grilled & Any what.)..I hope you already missed my previous post on trials of turning into Vegan.Look,I even did not know I'd be having this post up my sleeves in future. This time I kind of pondering like what if I think of "pata-hai-tujhe,bhindi-barah-rupay-kilo-ho-gayi-hai-aur-gobi-dass-ki,loot-machi-hai-saray-desh-mai-Paneer-to-beta-kuch-dino-main-itti-itti-thailiyoun-mai-Sunaar-ki-dukan-pay-bikegi" stuffs!! Welp. No feel at all.Am I a zombie.Too much of rawr. I tinker. I tweak. I pull and I push.I have been working on it and suddenly this Sunday it fell apart.I have decided.No more.That's all.That's all I had.Big time.Big time.
I,Jazz,Owner of this blog,here by promise you,from the time 5.58pm,will be going under a 30 days of Vegan Life.

I so feel like a holocaust survivor now.Heard Bruce Springsteen Singing.Yep.
"These things that have comforted me, I drive away"

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