Friday, March 16, 2012

Home calling

It's day 1,right after my last post.Not a single change in the feel.Lately I have been so homesick.I just hung up now,after 1 looong hour of talk with maa.I Miss my homeland's curvy street.I miss papa's morning wake up call.I can of course turn down my standard 8,first alarm clock.But avoiding papa's thunder knocking at the door sharp at 5.30am in the morning ain't possible.And now,here,everyday I miss him right around 11 am in the morning,waking up late,seeing my snoozed alarm and his average 5-6 missed call.I'm 24 and my papa has not given up on me.He still loves to wake me & my sis up with his continuous calls in the early morning.And when I call him back at the mid day,he is probably super busy in office.I ended up telling maa the story of sleepyheadness today. Sad.I so badly want to go home.It's summer time and thankfully my maa's school's having morning shift.I am happy that I can talk to her hours together.I miss terribly,those evenings when 4 of us clad in a single blanket and sharing one mug of boiled corns and catching up TV.

PS:This post is via my cell phone.I am in my office bus.Waiting for it to get started in couple of minutes.People around me are so busy in giggling,talking about random stuffs & issues of the days over coffee near by the bus bay.I Love this company job i am into.Not uber-strict at times.Gives us space.Did I thank God,for this amazing life(Thank you more please).Below is the soundtrack of 15 Hapuna Sunset(Hyderabad STC) Sunset-The descendants(I had a great time watching this),on my soundtrack.

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