Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mustn't Grumble

I just never wished it to be the ending.I so badly stepped forward for the last time,just to reconcile where do I stand.And there I was with an ignored/submissive reply.It's going no where.I have been getting cold feet since then.Sometimes in life when things have no way out,all you should know how to cease it or ignore it.FYI: I could never have ignored the voice which has been encouraging me every now and then,then.Hence it was up to ceased.How on earth two minds can be so stoppable from both the ends.I ain't all through.But through what?I am not quite sure what I am supposed to be through and as time's passing slowly,I may get to end slowly too.But the whole process of been through,feels like we are mutants.
You know that part of the story?During these days when one asks another "How was your day?".The other replies,"Mustn't grumble."

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