Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I just wrote a letter

You have your piece of work which won't let you sleep before 4.30am.You can check out my previous post time.And sadly,pathetically you are forced to wake up at 6.30am in the morning and delude your total day at office with repeated yawning and wrong verse of your chats.Or may be couple of wrong forwarded mails to wrong recipients.How am i gonna rephrase this.Let me try here.

Dear Crazy Neighbor,
Today was not a good day to mess with me.I had not had my bus time to run for.I had so much thing going inside my head over which I finally went into a deep slumber.And then just cause of you,I had a feel the whole day that it was gonna burst.

I know that I am not the only one in the neighborhood to receive your special attention but that doesn't mean that I feel any less irritation with your need to come witness. I haven't any interest, need or desire to hear about your love for the lord.For which you have been screaming at the top of your voice "The Hanuman Chalisa",right down my window.

There is no saving my soul. Just accept that it is beyond help and repair and that if you insist on continuing I will set up an altar on your porch and slaughter an ox, a chicken, a duck, two goats and a lamb. It will be done all in the name of Satan and for good measure I will see that Ozzy Osbourne performs live, except we won't use the "I am giving a way a colonoscopy" man.
No ma'am I will ensure that I will find the guy that used to bite the heads off of bats.
You might be thinking this is super-religious and sacred way of waking up people,but you have actually pushed, prodded and poked me for the last time,for which the next time I may blast your tympanum with the above song.I might as well blast mine in the trial of this.Sometimes it's just not so naive to tell Mondays actually suck.

Yours 3rd Floored Resident(Can be more Evil than you)
Sreeji Apts.


  1. unintentionaly witty humour...love this letter!

  2. nice one.... :)
    Hope this letter finds ur neighbour at the best of his health... :P

  3. Oh,,did my post sound like cursing :)...I was just being naive version of me :P

  4. Super cool. Poor you. Hope Hanuman saves him from your wrath.