Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fireflies around me the whole day

Tiny things that made my day:
1.Running to Sec'bad station to meet my Bro,just for 10 minutes.He is leaving for Mumbai,like FOREVER.No more gifts in handy now.
2.That Lakme's new haircut,I loved.
3.The toothless-heartful-smile of 70-ish lady on the roadside when she got a some bucks from me.That face was there in my mind the whole day.It was so serene.
4.Aishwarya,slapping me tight to wake me up in the evening.That was hard.But one day I am gonna miss it lady :(
5.4 Naturals ice cream(Just to fill the void of ripen mangoes in summer yet,we preferred mango flavoured one) and series of stories of people and life,with Amrita on the staircase.I adore her thought process.
6.Maa's shared her secret plans with me :) She chose me over Papa after a long time.I feel special.
7.Amazing Sunday haat here.Buying almost all vegetables for the week.Hell of a place to let you feel,you have a home.
I am so dreamy about everything.Nothing much has changed since my childhood now I feel.It's all same fairy tale.Now that I am having this perspective,I must say out of my experience we must not kill the child in us.Let it live even though we all know life is hard.

"I believe in fairytales and dreamers dreams like bed sheet sails
And i believe in peter pan and miracles 
And anything i can to get by
And fireflies"

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