Friday, March 16, 2012

You didn't work at all

5:35:24 AM: I woke up just like that.No.I dreamt bad.Or how can I put this.I so badly wish it could be a dream.The mail's arrived.And so on with lots of questions.Prelude to my waking up thing I again dreamt for some 2 digit time You didn't work at all scene.It's just some closed chapter verse of past year's saga.I have been ignoring this since times and now the mail saying almost the same has arrived too.As if every damn thing around me has promised to mock me forever.To make me feel dejected till death.I feel lost again.But everybody's lost after twenties.What could have I done.I am not that super-duper-mega-mind who always beats the highest.I did my high this time.But time betrayed me and I was just like the ones to be rejected.Does anything/anybody out there think I still am capable of achieving success.Then I must say,I need you.I need you now.Remember,do you know what you want or are you merely passing the time while life passes you by,this particular line?I rarely can figure out all.So sick and tired of all.It's just ain't going to work out.Why do I have to think of it all anyway?Surely the weekend must not start like this.And now I feel kind of better now.I am going to sleep again.God,bless me please.
I must tune to John denver's Calypso now and get some sleep.Can't the Calypso come and inspire me  till I peace out.

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