Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Asked the boss if she was pregnant.No.She was just fat" Moment

So today,It's just happened to be like hell of a day.(I was told that,it would be just sort of call.No meeting & No techies.)Well, to clear it up, I got a text message from my consultancy that these people are just in need of people who got good communication skill.Other than the fact that I have been changing my technology and piling up my resume,I still had no idea,why do I have to show off my communication skills.Do they sell anyway?So I have had a call set up and so far everything was going well until we got to this part of the conversation:
Boss: So, basically that's it. If we were to start training you, would you be available?
Me: Uhmmm... when would the training begin?
Boss: 2 months after.Would you be available to start then?
Me: Hmmm... Actually I still have to discuss this with my parents, because me and my mum are currently setting up this business so... *awkward smile* ... Is it possible for me to just go for the next training available?... *fiddling with fingers*...  I mean... I am really interested, but I also wanna think about it first, and if the training is 2 months after,that really doesn't give me much time to think about jumping out of my current stuff... 
[Don't know why I just did that.]
Boss: * disapproving voices with various ahems*

Thinking to myself that I CANNOT believe I just blurted that out loud (stuff like that should remain inside your head) I tried to save myself from that awkward situation... but to no avail.

Me: ... I mean... I don't mean to reject this job right away.I still am looking forward to.May be couple of months later.( Obviously too late for that... )

So after that,it seemed like she was concerned because it seems like there are a lot of issues with me, that might affect with the way I work for them in the future. In other words, you just fucked with your chances right there. 

Uuuugggh *facepalm* *headdesk*.So there you have it, If you want to ruin your chances of getting a bit more cash, these are the things you might want to say to your employer..

And oh, that's not the EXACT conversation we had, but it's the best interpretation that I could make out of that experience.

Did you remember the "what baby" scene ?

Happy Sunday Guys.

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