Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh,to the Dementors & Zombies we go.

It was just one of those days.You know what I meant.They suck.Like so much you feel you're no more alive.I slept in the bus.Pretty lazy day.But that cold effect has started.All chilled around.And with chilled weather you know what comes? Depression. Yes.Like they kill each other in Minnesota.The Twin city,the chilled weather and the killers.So when I slept,it was drizzling.Like drizzling drizzling.Real world.And rain drops all over my glasses.And there I went to the zombies.To the Dementors & Zombies,we go.Then some chain of slaughters with T-virus.All are dead with dead drop silence.I knew it was going to be over,over around after 5 minutes.They will wake up to quench the hunger.And the bus door opened and I see....They are all around.With that zombie walk.And when I woke up,it was all settled.I asked myself why this has been happening to me?I have just been in a funk.Is it seasonal depression? Here's how I talked to her.
Me: There's something wrong with me.
Dipika: No,there's nothing wrong with you Jazz.
Me:No, but why did I dream that.
Dipika: Jazz,you're being dumb.You're in funk and you need to buck up & get over it.
Me: But ...there is something wrong with me.
Dipika: Pagal ho gayi ho tum !! *annoyance*

There,the voices coming out of headphones,
"Cold wind blows into the skin.
Can't believe the state you're in"

It was Jose Gonzalez.On normal days I prefer his songs.They are soothing & super-visionary.Today I found out his lyrics were scaring the guts out of me.

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