Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well, today is Wednesday (well, given that I'm writing technically after midnight I suppose it's really more like Thursday, but who gives a fonion) and I absolutely have to post about this song. If you've been a follower for a while you probably know that I am a huge fan of anything that Adam Young has created.Be it Owl City, Sky Sailing, Insect Airport, or Port Blue. It's all good.Anyways, this latest obsession lies within the track "Monorail" off of the Albatross EP by Port Blue. You should probably listen to this now.

So this is what the deal is.I'm going to try something new with you people,and hopefully the effort is well worth it.I'm going to write as the song is playing.All you have to do is click play and then read along at a reasonably regular pace as the song is playing.It's only 2 minutes,so it won't take long.Startle over.

The scene begins, and you're sitting, quietly on a bean bag, legs out on the edge of terrace, dangling.The wind is blowing and it's been drizzling the whole day,but softly.The time is one of perfection,and you can't begin to imagine how blessed you are to see this time.The ocean's waves crash softly on the beach.

As the cloud cover moves across the sky from afar,the clicks and clacks of the mid-train's wheels become a beat in your mind,growing ever stronger,but they are not in the forefront of your thoughts.The chilled-breeze is on your face.You smile at the thought of those sorts of things that amused you as a child.It seems so long ago,but at the same time feels like it was yesterday. So fresh in your mind.

The clouds part and open,and immediately the half part of the sky turn out to be red.Your eyes are frozen open,staring into this red dim light.The world has changed its color,and it is all so real and full of magic.Your eyes have been truly opened;your mind explodes with pensive thought and overflows with lush appreciation for all that you are,and all that you ever will be.You cannot believe it,but there it is right in front of you.It is now all so clear,so easy.

Suddenly,the other room door that was opened is abruptly closed.It fizzles away like the tail of a firework.It has become shrouded,like it was accidentally let loose in the first place.In this moment you realize you have seen the perfection in creation,the perfection in all that is around you,the perfection that is this earth.You breathe a sigh,and gaze out over the horizon,looking beyond to your future,but not forgetting that this time is a gift,for that is why it is called the present.

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